iRok Thoughts

Here I will keep all my free writing posts. No free advertising. No music. No fashion. Just me and my thoughts.

I was going to re-post things related to this tab…but…yeah…I’m going to just list the links. Like boom boom boom 🙂

Hello June!

Hello 2013.

Everything That Can Happen In A Day

Word. Write a Letter.

Things Will Work Out Because Mom Said So

My Super Sweet 25th!

An Unabridged List of Things That Kept Me Alive This Weekend

Mental Vacation

Hello Detroit!

People Are People

Don’t Leave Your Sh*t, Ok?

Happy New Years! 2012

It’s Been A While

They Call It Dumb. I Call It Art.

Food Diary: J. Alexanders

Open Letter: I Want

Spring Cleaning Your Dating Life

Cool Read: The Kind You Don’t Bring Home To Mama

Cuffin Season 2011

Awesome Read : IQ84

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Old People On Facebook

Playing In Make-Up

Crazy Ways To Meet Men

Things you SHOULD lie about

GMS: Good Man Syndrome

Health Stuff: Outsmart Stress Traps

WORD: Let Me Rip Your Heart

The Four And Only Reason Women Cheat

Love Is A Drug

Got Caught Riding Dirty

Style Watch: ettiket By Kris Taylor

Why Doesn’t Life Come With A Cheat Sheet

Almost Lovers Always Do

WORD: Age imprints…

Random Thoughts Always Lead To Why I’m Single

Happy 2011!

Things That Are ONLY O.K. In College

21 Things That Will Ruin An Orgasm

Top 10 Reasons To Crush

25 Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before 25

Open Letter: Beautiful Men

I Be Wishing…

Shot In The Dark… Post Sex

Random Outburst – Mr. One Upper

I Need A Vacation

Happy Belated Valentines Day

Random: Thirsty Much?

Why Would You Want To Break Up?

Are Relationship Titles Important?

The 5 Types of Women All Men Hate

She’s Just NOT That Into You

Insecurity Vs. Intuition

He’s Just NOT That Into You

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