He’s just NOT that into you…

Ok…so I have compiled my own list of ways to tell if a guy JUST ISN’T into you. Sadly, we all have experienced at least one of these listed indicators 😦

Listen up ladies :: He Just isn’t that into you if ::

1.) He has a girlfriend (this applies to ex’s that are still around because they are “close to the family”)

2.) He ONLY calls after 2 a.m. (usually asking you to come over)

3.) You have never officially met any of his friends (seeing his buddies in passing, at a party doesn’t count. If you know their names (probably because of facebook stalking), but they have NEVER heard yours…you don’t know them)

4.) He gives you a generic nickname on DAY 1 of meeting you (don’t fall victim to the “baby’s” and “boo’s”…and if a guy tells you his name is Dre, when its really James…c’mon)

5.) He asks about your very pretty, and very available FRIEND every chance he gets

6.) He would rather “stay home” on the weekends 

7.) He ONLY calls you after he has seen you out (this is short lived, because he stops calling AGAIN after like a week)

8.) He is ALWAYS busy, but doesn’t have a job  or is enrolled in a school that you know about

9.) The bulk of your conversations are on facebook, twitter, or AIM

10.) He ALWAYS switches up on you (you know, start to act funny and do unusual crap) right before holiday’s, birthday’s, anniversaries, large parties, etc.

11.) After a while of talking (you absolutely adore him at this point) he hits you with the “You are like a BEST FRIEND

:: and last but not least (just couldn’t think of anymore) ::

He is JUST NOT that into you  if he has a pattern of the places he takes you (Same three spots, no variation)

ok…so YES I was inspired to write this post after my very own experience with # 2 … It sucks…but ah well, at least I can realize he just ISNT THAT INTO ME 😦

:: The movie was AMAZING by the way ::


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