Got Caught Riding Dirty.

Hello Friday.

I need to vent really quickly.

I have the flu. I’ve had the flu for the past four days. Basically I have a fever, a sore throat, uncontrollable coughing, dizziness, and a bit of vomiting going on right now. All bad.

So yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to get some fresh air. I left my house and headed toward the city. Ok cool. Feeling a little better. The cool air felt good. On my way back home, which was around 3am I was stopped by the Morrow police. I was stopped because my MSU Alumni license plate cover apparently was blocking the county sticker on my license plate. Um what the hell is a county sticker? Seriously!

Anyway, the officer proceeds to write me a citation for obstruction of vision or some shit. Remember that time I said I’ve had the flu for the past four days? Ok, well I’ve also had the flu-attitude. After he hands me the citation, I not-so-politely joked “So what do ya’ll expect me to do? Ungraduate?”. Yea, I must’ve pissed ol’ dude off because he returned to his car and came back with two more citations.

One for obstruction of vision. One for moving violation 74mph in the 70mph. One for moving violation 74mph in the 70mph in a construction zone.


I looked at them mugs and just shook my head. Partially because the “End Construction” sign was right on the side of my car. Technically, the front end of my car wasn’t in a construction zone.  I should’ve just pulled up a few more inches, waved my hand out the window, and asked him to “try this again”. I probably would’ve been apprehended at that point though. I did the right thing.

Moral of the story, be white in morrow. Sike naw, but I need a lawyer; my court date is in April.

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