It’s Been A While

I know you guys are sick of me. I promise next year I will make a dedicated effort to update at least once a week. My schedule has been super packed this Holiday Season. I am burnt out to be honest. I’ve learned a lot over this past month. I’ve decided to share…per usual.

So people are crazy. This we already knew, however, what you didn’t know is that I attract them in mass quantities. Here is an example for December. I met a guy at the mall. Seemingly legit place to meet someone. Well no. After one phone conversation he decided I am “the one”. He also decided that we should move in together after the New Year. I should quit my job and how many beautiful mulatto babies did I want to have. Yikes. After being as upfront as humanly possible (Don’t ever call me again you f*cking weirdo), you would think he got the hint. Nope.

Moving along. I also met a guy while I was at Starbucks. Again, seems like a legit place to meet someone. Hell Nawl. After two conversations with him I became his personal therapist. Apparently he had just gotten out of a relationship, found God and wanted to crack the Illuminati code to success all in one. GO THAT WAY CREEP. Let’s not even assume that I just meet crazy men. A chick I met at work about a month ago decided we should be BFF’s and doesn’t understand why I won’t go clubbing with her this New Years Eve. Even threatened to not be my friend anymore. Umm ok.I have road rage. I have asked God for patience numerous times. And although I am starting to see a change, every now and again I back slide. For example, I was driving home from work one night when this Lexus Truck (Lexus truck driver, if you’re reading this, you are a stupid) decided to do that thing where a car drives too slow but then speeds up when you try to pass. Long story short this happened for about 8-10 miles on the freeway. Lucky me, they got off at my exit too. Luckier me, they proceeded to do the speed/slow thing on purpose this time. Slamming on breaks and everything. So what did my road rage coerce me to do? Lay on my horn for about a mile. If I got pulled over, I was prepared to tell the police that my horn was broken and I was super embarrassed…

I’ve been a big ball of emotion. I watched the Lion King again. And I cried like I never saw it before. Like I didn’t know Mufasa was a goner. I also cried because there was a spider in my shower. I also got super sensitive when my dad asked me did I cut my hair. No dad. I didn’t. And then my mom asked did it grow. No mom. It didn’t. And then my brother asked me did I color it. No brother. I haven’t. So what looks different about me?? I gained weight and can’t fit my pants. Sadness becomes me.

Santa was awesome this year. I got everything I wanted; minus a few over-extravagant requests. I was also able to spend it with my daddy! I even got to go to a Christmas Tree Farm with my dad’s fiance. I’m excited about New Years. One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world is coming to Atlanta. I’m looking forward to the memories! I am also looking forward to 2012 for many reasons; travel, school, book club, new job, etc..

So yea. Talk to you guys soon!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Been A While”

  1. Hey Taylor! Loved this. Sadly, I can relate to the crazyness that you so unfortunately had to endure.Poor Taylor, you have my though…that explains half of why I’m single.sigh. I’m glad you had a great Christmas! Mine was blessed and fabulous! I organized our family gift exchange gathering this year,and it came out just right:) Thank Jesus,my fam can be rather critical when they want Oh,and I’m looking for big things in 2012 as well.I graduate in May!!!! Yaaaaay! I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog…it’s been heavy on my heart(I can feel that I’ve already written quite the lengthy message in your comment section lol).When I do,you’ll be one of the first to know.I really do love your blog girl.Keep up the great work.God bless you,happy new year!!!!!

    Oh,P.S, you look gorgeous on this pic!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the love. I’m sorry that you encounter crazies, but definitely taking a breath of relief that I’m not the only one. I’m happy to hear your Christmas came out awesome and surrounded by cooperative family members 🙂 …congrats on graduating in May *throws glitter and flashes lights* . Get a blog! It’s an awesome outlet and makes for a great conversation piece.

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