Random Thoughts on a Wednesday.


When life hands you lemons, make apple juice and leave people wondering how you did it. That’s an interesting take on adversity. A lot of people go through tons of nonsense on a day to day basis. How that person deals with the nonsense determines what type of vibe they project into the atmosphere.

A lot of people wear their issues on their sleeve – let’s avoid these people. Some people bury their issues deep inside, to a point that they become their issues and are somewhat synonymous with a ticking time bomb – let’s avoid these people too. And then there are those who take the nonsense and make it work for them – let’s take notes from these people.

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It’s Been A While

I know you guys are sick of me. I promise next year I will make a dedicated effort to update at least once a week. My schedule has been super packed this Holiday Season. I am burnt out to be honest. I’ve learned a lot over this past month. I’ve decided to share…per usual.

So people are crazy. This we already knew, however, what you didn’t know is that I attract them in mass quantities. Here is an example for December. I met a guy at the mall. Seemingly legit place to meet someone. Well no. After one phone conversation he decided I am “the one”. He also decided that we should move in together after the New Year. I should quit my job and how many beautiful mulatto babies did I want to have. Yikes. After being as upfront as humanly possible (Don’t ever call me again you f*cking weirdo), you would think he got the hint. Nope.

Moving along. I also met a guy while I was at Starbucks. Again, seems like a legit place to meet someone. Hell Nawl. After two conversations with him I became his personal therapist. Apparently he had just gotten out of a relationship, found God and wanted to crack the Illuminati code to success all in one. GO THAT WAY CREEP. Let’s not even assume that I just meet crazy men. A chick I met at work about a month ago decided we should be BFF’s and doesn’t understand why I won’t go clubbing with her this New Years Eve. Even threatened to not be my friend anymore. Umm ok. Continue reading It’s Been A While