Random Thoughts on a Wednesday.


When life hands you lemons, make apple juice and leave people wondering how you did it. That’s an interesting take on adversity. A lot of people go through tons of nonsense on a day to day basis. How that person deals with the nonsense determines what type of vibe they project into the atmosphere.

A lot of people wear their issues on their sleeve – let’s avoid these people. Some people bury their issues deep inside, to a point that they become their issues and are somewhat synonymous with a ticking time bomb – let’s avoid these people too. And then there are those who take the nonsense and make it work for them – let’s take notes from these people.

I recently had a windfall of what people would call “bad luck”. (Semi-unrelated, my grandmother used to tell me “If it weren’t for bad luck, you wouldn’t have any“…I kind of feel like she was throwing shade at a young Taylor). Work, school, finances, and even relationships have seemed to take a tumble. But what I can say is that I’ve learned a lot over the last couple of happenings, and I am more prepared to turn things around than ever before.

It’s all about perspective. Sure my job isn’t exactly what it was advertised as, but I really enjoy the people I work with, the pay is decent, and it’s a pretty reputable company. I’ve had the worst professors known to education this quarter (they are great people, just horrible teachers), but I’m one class and an internship closer to graduation (Anyone need an intern?). I am broke – but broke is relative. I meet people who aren’t really who they claim to be, but the process of getting to know people and the experiences along the way have been pleasant.

All in all, take the nonsense and make it work for you. I’m still figuring out how I’m going to do that, but I’m sure this ‘can-do attitude and positive perspective’ I have will definitely help.

So go out and make that apple juice. You can do it.

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