Random Thoughts on a Wednesday.


When life hands you lemons, make apple juice and leave people wondering how you did it. That’s an interesting take on adversity. A lot of people go through tons of nonsense on a day to day basis. How that person deals with the nonsense determines what type of vibe they project into the atmosphere.

A lot of people wear their issues on their sleeve – let’s avoid these people. Some people bury their issues deep inside, to a point that they become their issues and are somewhat synonymous with a ticking time bomb – let’s avoid these people too. And then there are those who take the nonsense and make it work for them – let’s take notes from these people.

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Creative Cool: Jooze Juice Cartons

Although this doesn’t actually exist, I thought it was cool.

“Australian design student Yunyeen Yang is the talent behind a neat set of sliced fruit shaped juice cartons by fictional manufacturer, Jooze. Designed as part of a school project, each Jooze packaging is indicative of its flavour inside; a crafty detail encouraging children to consume healthier drinking habits from a young age.” -Michelle Wilding