The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!

God is good all the time.

Scientific evidence suggest that negative vibes block blessings. Ok maybe not scientific evidence, but I’m a firm believer in that concept. Mainly because I have been so obsessed with all of the things going wrong in my life lately that I haven’t been able to acknowledge and appreciate all the things that have been going right.

I’ve been so focused on trying to maintain new relationships that I haven’t been thankful and grateful for the relationships I already have. My stand-the-storm strong relationships. Friends and Family. As far as even with work, I have a pretty decent full-time job and a pretty cool part-time job, but instead of being happy that I’m working and bringing in income from two avenues (not to mention a bunch of random freelance stuff), I complain about working too much (as if my having two jobs isn’t a personal choice lol) and not having the job of my dreams. Instead of being thankful that I don’t have any “real” bills, I go HAM about Sprint and Sallie Mae once a month. It’s coming. This is just a stepping stone right?

But I think I’m doing pretty good. Even with my site; has picked up traffic, people have been emailing me, gotten offers for purchase, advertising, etc. Working on this mug and having people actually respond and appreciate it, is like inspiration to keep going. Even in my business endeavors, I’ve come up with a few business ideas (always looking for investors) that I definitely think will do well. I know will do well.

So yea, a lot of negative crap has happened but that much more good stuff has been happening too. I’ve even been able to cross off a few things off my material want list (team iPhone as of two weeks ago bitches). I can do nothing else but progress. Get better. Keep climbing. No where to go but up from here right?

…In the words of an esteemed philospher…burr. oh les do it.

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I am me and I do things that I do. What of it?

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