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I’m pretty good at using the internet. I’m also pretty good at using the internet to read blogs. People have some really interesting blogs. I think I’m going to post my top ten awesome blogs a little later this month. In the meantime, I ran across a post that was super funny (mostly because of how much it resembles the reality of my life) – that discussed how this chick is simply put: NOT the girl you bring home to mother.

Not suggesting that I can’t be brought home to parents, but I can relate to some of the things she discusses; mostly I have a bit of growing to do (but don’t we all?)

Here’s and excerpt (or the paragraph that mad me giggle uncontrollably):

Some people you know you’re going to regret getting involved with but you do it anyway. Whether they’re mysterious (read: shady) or different (read: an asshole who finds new ways to treat you like shit) or charismatic (read: manipulative); something draws you in against your better judgment.

We play the silly little games, cue the coy little winks and wander down the beaten path, pioneered by the ones who told us to have no fear and live each day as if we were dying; problem is not every day is a day that we die. In fact it’s the realizing that you didn’t die the next day that makes you regret at all because when it comes to waking up next to a passed-out douchebag in an Affliction tee with a hangover from too much tequila and too many bad choices, it’s easier to wish you had died instead. -Anjili Mehta

Interesting right? Read the rest of her post here.

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