Throwback Interview: Tiffany Eugenio

I had a chance to sit down (not literally, so thank God for technology) with a Miss Tiffany Eugenio to discuss her musical gifts, inspirations and advice for others interested in the music biz. Take a gander at the short interview that is both personable and informative.

Describe your sound as if we were deaf.

What? Really?! That’s really hard…
Well, I’d probably make some strange reference to chocolate and velvet – I have a tone that’s kind of smooth, rich, and sorta dark… but assuming you couldn’t hear me make my description anyway, I’d probably do a dance for you… [flails her arms] hip hop ballet anyone?

What is distinctive about your sound?

The way I hear myself, and the way others hear me, is totally different. I’m so accustomed to the sound of my own voice, and my own tastes, that I’m not really sure what exactly others are hearing. People tell me though that I ride a very fine line between a classical sound and a hiphop/R&B-ish sound. If there was any possible way for those two genres to exist together in harmony without overpowering each other, that would be my niche. But then again, at the same time I also play the guitar, so sometimes there are some elements of rock and folk depending on the song that I’m singing. I’m neither one of those genres specifically, but I guess I’m a little of each.

What producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?

I hate dropping names! I always seem to forget someone important. Anything I hear is pretty much an inspiration. I listen to a lot of current stuff, but my more deep rooted inspirations are the classic songs that I’ve lived with for most of my life, for example, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Billie Holiday, The Beatles, Elvis, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Van Morrison, *drops a hundred more*… I would also say a lot of my inspirations come from real life experiences as well.

Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on?

When I was a kid, I used to be in a lot of theatre productions. Of course, my style did grow away from broadway musicals, but there’s a lot about it that I truly missed. Daily late night rehearsals with friends and the cast, months and months of practice and getting to know each other, and then the impending thrill of a two hour live performance in front of thousands. There was tons of work, tons of accomplishments. I remember I would cry at the end cause I didn’t want the show to be over. I know it wouldn’t be in my best interest to go back to broadway theatre, but I suppose being in a movie production would be sort of similar. I’ve always thought whether I should try acting…

What was the main factor for launching your career when you did?

I must be missing something! Have I been launched? [laughs] I don’t think my career has even really started yet. I’m still in the process of making my EP, still conferencing with people in the biz in hopes of getting signed, but I guess there are a lot of people who get a different impression with YouTube and all. It has done wonders for my fanbase. I only have 13 videos out so it’s insane to even think that that translated into millions of views… I was like ‘Whoa, wait. What? Mom. Dad. You REALLY have to stop watching my videos…’

Who are some people you would like to work with?

Lady Gaga. Hands down. She is a beast in every way. She has this fearlessness that I absolutely admire. I really enjoy watching her live performances. I’d also love to duet with John Mayer sometime, and maybe hook up with Timbaland for a sick track. The stuff he’s done with Justin Timberlake, One Republic, Nelly.. they’re all great hits.

What do you advise for upcoming musician’s?

Make YouTube videos? Ha! Well! I’m still an upcoming musician myself so I can’t claim to know everything. I can say though, that if you are a musician trying to make it, whatever it is you go through, don’t take anything to heart, besides the music itself. For every door of opportunity, there are ten thousand people who want in and you’d be very surprised how little talent has to do with being successful. If money and fame is what you love, you’re going to get your heart broken. If music is what you love, it will always be there. All you have to do is sing.

Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals you have in mind?

I have a few ideas of where I want to be. All of those include singing in some way or another. If everything works out, I would love to own my own label someday. But really, I try not to get too ahead of myself, otherwise things seem nearly impossible and overwhelming. There’s so much I want to do, but I will always be singing, recording, performing, and of course… making YouTube videos. ;)


There you have it!  A brief, yet informative sit down with the one and only Tiffany Eugenio. Such a breath of fresh air right? Well check this out:

Fetch. Check her out at or

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