Top 10 Reasons To Crush

I’ve decided to compile a Top 10 list each week. I think it would be awesome, mostly because I rank and list junk all the time. Just sharing with the world.

Anyway…I was thinking about crushes the other day. And although sometimes having a crush is like a one-way ticket to Crazy Town, it’s kinda fun. Here are the top ten reasons to crush.

10. He texts you first. That means he must be thinking about you, right?! OMG he totally is thinking about you. Must. wait. 15 minutes…. so I don’t look pathetic before texting back. Wait, what am I going to say?

9. The excitement of knowing you’re going to see him. And sitting down with your girls to go over how everything is going to go down while they help you pick out an outfit and do your hair and makeup.

8.  The feeling in your stomach when you do see him….and you look good. And he totally notices.

7. Talking about him to your friends. And your friends’ friends. And your parents. And the woman ringing you up at Target. And anyone else who happens to bring up anything that gives you a pass to bring him up.

6. When he accidentally admits to FB  or Twitter stalking you. How did he know I was in Miami last weekend? Oh he TOTALLY likes me!

5. When he uses a smiley in a BBM. Guys who use emoticons are creeps…unless you’ve got a crush on them. Then it’s the cutest/sweetest/most adorable thing ever.

4. When he smiles at you. In real life. And it makes your knees go weak.

3. His touch. Placing his hand on the small of your back, giving you a hug when he sees you, putting his arm around you…. it’s like a warm, melty chocolate chip cookie for your heart.

2. Having someone to think about. At work, before bed, in the shower, as you pass couples holding hands on the street….

1. The first kiss. Stars. Rainbows. Frolicking in a field filled with poppies. Grandmas special banana pudding.


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