Yo MAMA beech!

LOL Kidding 🙂 Just a little attention grabber!

A while back I did a post entitled “He’s Just Not that into You“, that basically gave a short list of ways to tell if a guy isn’t trying to date you. That list was specifically for women, but now I’m seeing there is a NEED for a list that men can refer to…LOL

DISCLAIMER : I had absolutely NO ONE in mind while writing this post. I simply had a discussion with a few family members who read my blog, and thought I was sexist in my “deeper discussions”.

Here goes…


1.) She has a boyfriend, or anything remotely close to a boyfriend.

2.) She doesn’t call you, text you, facebook you, or (now-a-days) twitter you. Trust me, if a girl likes you, you are ALWAYS on her mind, and she WILL find a way to communicate with you.

3.) She would rather text you than talk to you on the phone. (Example: You call her, she doesn’t answer, but then she texts you back)shes_just_not_that_into_you

4.) She won’t update her facebook, in fear YOU will know she has been online

5.) She uses the word “friend” frequently when referring to you

6.) The goodbye HUG includes a PAT ON THE BACK

7.) If you have EVER heard her belch, pass gas, or any other un-lady like behaviors. (maybe after a while, but ABSOLUTELY not in the beginning)

8.) She wont go anywhere with you alone, or avoids making dates with you

9.) She is always about to start her period, or talks to you (in detail) about starting her period

10.) When you’re around, she checks her cell phone the entire time

11.) Her friends know NOTHING about you. Girls are the MOST talkative creatures on the PLANET. If her friends don’t know more than your name…yeah

12.) If you see her out in about, and she gives you the initial “generic” conversation, followed with a “Nice seeing you, talk to you later (wave)” ….

13.) When she looks directly at you, she makes a “face”

14.) She is ALWAYS super busy, irritated or tired when you talk to her

WARNING: Understand that MOST WOMEN are not extremely straightforward, and some indicators listed are subject to personal interpretation.

OK Ladies this is all I could think of, what do YOU do when you’re not that interested in a guy?

friend zone


3 responses to “Yo MAMA beech!

  1. I stare at him emptily as I try to figure out why in the eff he is in my face talking. I avoid all eye contact jus like a quick smile and hey and I keep it moving.

  2. I love the post. I would add: If she talks about her boyfriend a lot (positively). I always find a way to mention the beau and guys still try.

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