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I have been stressed-thee-eff-out as of late. The purpose of this post is not to vent about the particular brand of bullsh!t I have been dealing with lately, but more so to provide a few anxiety busters.

While reading Womens Health Magazine at my doctors office the other day, I found and interesting article about stress and ways to relieve it. According to the American Psychological Association, 70 percent of women make a beeline for fast-acting, unhealthy stress solutions. Next time, sub in one of these much better stress relievers.

Here’s what I learned.

Tempted to…dig into a bag of chips? Try grabbing a handful of almonds. The omega-3s in nuts may help keep stress hormones such as cortisol in check. Other key angst-nulling noshes include oatmeal (it boosts the calming brain chemical serotonin) and oranges (the vitamin C counters stress hormones; barf).

Tempted to…swig an energy drink? Try taking a nap. You cant beat stress without a little shut-eye. A 20-minute siesta is enough to trigger the hormones needed to balance excess cortisol.

Tempted to…bitch out a co-worker? Try popping a multivitamin. That irritation and impatience may be the result of depleted stores of calcium, copper, and zinc that comes with stress. Downing a multi will raise those levels and help you mellow out.

Tempted to…curl up on the sofa? Try going out with a friend. A study in Behavioral Neuroscience found that simply being around other people may squash stress.

Tempted to…reach for the remote? Try spending 15mins in silence. This helps “the brain filter out stressful sounds,” says acupuncturist Kirsten Burris.

And lastly, take a break from social networks. Geesh.



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