Don’t Leave Your Sh*t, OK?

First and foremost, my guy friends crack me up. I can say with complete confidence that I enjoy a deep laugh from a semi-barbaric situation they have encountered, at least twice a week. My most recent gut-buster included a situation where a chick left some of her belongings at my boys house. I’ve decided to share because truthfully I’d love to hear you guys thoughts on the matter.

Situation: My homeboy is in a non-committed relationship with this lady; they are not together and haven’t established boundaries or stipulations to their “friendship”. They have consistent and mostly sexual sleepovers, which for most women is the unspoken “we are exclusive”, however for most men this means nothing. Recently, this lady has started leaving small personal belongings in my homeboys bathroom, bedroom and even living room space. Now, this wouldn’t seem like a bad thing if both of them were aware that they were in a relationship. Clearly to her, they are comfortable and she is “marking her territory”. To him, the psycho b*tch has got to go; how dare she leave anything at HIS house for any of his OTHER friends to find and inquire about…

Here is where the funny part kicks in.

He asks me what to do? I don’t know! I think I may have mistakenly left my stuff at a friends house ONCE in my entire life…and I was MORTIFIED (said friend was completely cool about the situation though).

My advice was to put all her stuff in one area and next time she comes over, remind her that she left her stuff. Or, next time he goes over her house, take her stuff with him like “hey you forgot this at my house”.

Another friend of mine told me that in these situations he just “throws their stuff away”. His rationale was that the women leaving things were sneaky and probably wouldn’t fess up to leaving their stuff anyway. They would just look for it, not find it and have this big ball of “where is my sh*t” popping in their head.

One of my best guy friends said “Well this one time I had a chic over and she left herself there the next day.” …LMAO. What? Ladies, we’ve got to do better. Actually, people we need to un-blur the commitment lines.

What do you guys think?

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Your Sh*t, OK?”

  1. Well…some serious communication needs to happen! I have definitely left my belongings over someone’s house but that was after we clearly discussed “I’m leaving things @ your house.” If a woman leaves her stuff w/o asking or prior conversation then it’s just down right rude! However, the “other friends” that come over may feel the need to leave their belongings because they’ve seen “her” belongings…so it all depends! If more than one “friend” starts leavin stuff then fellas, y’all got a problem! Women try to mark territory all the time but if you don’t want to be marked let her know it’s not ok for her to leave her things, or that she simply needs to remove them from your house! Honesty is key and she’ll respect you more for that!
    Glad to say my stuff is still there and I will gladly throw away any “belongings” that aren’t mine 😉

  2. You know what? If she is good enough to sleep with and let her spend the night. SO what if she leaves her stuff? So what if people ask ? ANd? If you embarrassed then don’t sleep with anyone! You should be happy somebody wanna sleep with you! And yes there should be no rotation of women over asking questions. So make up your mind! Stop sleepin with everybody and you won’t be pissed! Or go over to her house then.

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