People Are People

Do you know what your “friends” are saying about you? To be clear, I’m using “friends” in the loosest sense possible. I’m referring to the people you may talk to when it’s time to “go out”, the people you may be deciding if they’re worth actually “dating”, the people you keep around for no apparent reason, etc..

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I am fully aware that most people have an opinion of me. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. I am a person that takes pride in my character because of how I was raised, my faith in God, and other extra tid-bits of my personality. I know what is wrong. I know what is right. I’ve made interesting and not so interesting decisions in my life. All in all, I’ve been able to stay on the straight and narrow path – deviating from time to time (I’ll attribute the deviance to a necessary life component of learning for yourself).

I say all that to say this, your reputation is everything. Try to avoid getting mixed up with the wrong people, that are into the wrong stuff, that will tell people the wrong truths about you. Make sure your character speaks so loud that when people say negative things about you (or what you’ve done), the majority can distinguish the truth from fabricated hatericy.

People lie all the time. Unfortunately, most of my issues with lying come from men. If I came over and chilled at your house, you tell people I spent the night. If I gave you a kiss, you tell people I popped the box for a real nigga.  If I answer my phone whenever you call, you tell people you got me hooked. If I let you buy me something, you tell people I’m a gold digger. If I open up to you about my personal life, you tell people an obscured viewpoint of my business. Well no. Not at all. No thank you.

It’s messed up when you feel like you can’t talk to people because they run their mouth at any given moment, to any given persons, about their inaccurate interpretation of something you may or may not have even done or said.  I may have great character, but I’m horrible when it comes to judging other peoples character. I seem to see the good in everyone and kind of go with the flow. Everyone isn’t your friend, and everyone isn’t worth dating.  My intent wasn’t to go on a personal rampage about people who have lied on me, or even to clear my name of any false allegations. I simply want people to understand that your character and reputation are important, so surround yourself with people who are honest, have good intentions and know right from wrong (and use that knowledge in working situations).

People are people; nothing more, maybe less.

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I am me and I do things that I do. What of it?

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