Everything That Can Happen in a Day.

Welcome to the age of 25. What you may think is a mid-life crisis is in fact just the beginning of a real world survival of the fittest. Life can be extremely hard, but it can be extremely fun and interesting at the same time. As of late, I have realized that life is about taking mundane details and turning them into something bizarre and worth it. 

A bowl of chicken flavor Ramen noodles and a corn dog with mustard – had me feeling like I had hit rock bottom. Sitting on my unfurnished living room floor eating off of a plastic tub top – had me feeling like I had hit rock bottom. Calling to bum $30 bucks from my mom – had me feeling like I had hit rock bottom… But apparently I haven’t. Shit could be worse. You have to survive though.

I am thankful for everything and every non-thing. I recently went home to Detroit to visit my family and friends. That short visit gave me so much hope for my future. Sure things are a bit less than favorable at the moment, but they aren’t bad. At all. I have my new place, just finished my first quarter in grad school, got a new job, I’m not pregnant (lol hi mom), not on drugs, got a couple internship opportunities (in my field of study!) on the table, etc..

My day (read: month) started off pretty shitty. But sometimes you have to look past shitty shit and move on. Everything can happen in a day, but what matters most is how you react to each occurrence.

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7 thoughts on “Everything That Can Happen in a Day.”

  1. I know how you feel. It is great that you can think positively in less than favorable circumstances. What helps me is prayer,reading the word of God, and surrounding myself with positive ppl. Also, think of all the times you’ve overcome your circumstances, and remind yourself that this season will be one of those!

  2. Taylor I adore you! I decided to go on your website today, and it confirmed all the things I thought about you before. I wish I had people like you in my life.

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