Let me start by saying that the p*ssy bill is at an all time low. Sorry for the vulgarity of that statement, but that is it’s truest and most simple form. Women are handing it over for gym shoes and V.I.P. club access. They are putting  on their clown suits at an alarming rate – making it look like the mass majority of women accept sub par dating methods. Making it look like it’s perfectly cool to proposition a women for sex after a few days. Not at all am I saying a guy needs to spend his life savings to purchase a chastity belt key…but I guess I’m just looking for time, effort, something.

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Spring Cleaning For Your Dating Life

Awesome article time!

I found a really interesting (read: true as hell) article about spring cleaning your dating life…

…You know what differentiates spring cleaning from regular cleaning? It feels good. It’s the time of year when we say “The status quo just isn’t working,” and we do something about it.

Let’s apply the same mentality to our dating life. While we’re cleaning out our closets and rearranging our bedrooms, let’s dump those bad dating habits that are holding us back and replace them with good ones. Today, we’ll share 6 bad habits to trash.

1. Being Too Eager

Men and women both get very confused about this one. “Aren’t I supposed to let them know I’m interested?” “Don’t women want to be pursued?” “What if they’re really the one and I let them go?”

Asking yourself if your eagerness is coming from genuine excitement or fear might be a good starting point. According to dating coach Donna Barnes of ABC’s hit series What Would You Do?, it’s an important distinction to make. “Fear is what ruins most potential relationships. Fear of abandonment, fear of commitment, fear of intimacy, rejection, etc.”

She adds, “Many people become needy and smothering when they meet someone they really like. They reveal too much too soon, expect too much too soon and get attached too quickly which causes them to ignore any problems or red flags. They stop dating anyone else and put all their attention on one person, which makes them over analyze things, usually incorrectly. Don’t let your fantasies speed up reality — keep your thoughts in the present.”

2. Online Stalking

Many sane, healthy people will not go out with a person without Googling first. For better or worse, we have come to accept this practice as normal. This doesn’t mean that we should try to find out everythingabout a person before a first meeting. Anna Goldfarb, publisher of the popular Philadelphia dating blog, Shmitten Kitten, draws the line at social networks:

“I never add a guy to my social networks too quickly. A little mystery is a good thing in the beginning. I don’t need to be all up in his tweets or anything. I’d rather he tell me about his day in person than read about it along with everyone else in his life. Sure, he can do a Google search on me and express curiosity; that’s normal. But no need to start clicking around friend requests before we’ve even exchanged phone numbers.”

Also, premature friending usually just causes unnecessary anxiety.

“Posts and pictures from attractive strangers on your new interest’s wall mostly just feed insecurities,” says Barnes. “You really shouldn’t have that kind of access to each other too quickly.”

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Red Flags (Most) Chicks Ignore

Far too often in the world of dating, we mistake little quirky qualities and pet peeves as things we can simply overlook. Perhaps we have, in the backs of our minds, the notion that dating these days is so non-traditional that our dating criteria can also be non-traditional.

This is NOT the case. Communication is key to both progress and success, so talking about these things now will only help better your relationship in the long run. What about those things that we don’t see? We like to call these “red flags,” and apparently chicks are pretty good at ignoring them when we don’t want to admit to the reality of things: the guy we’re dating is a complete psychopath and it’s time to give him the boot.

To save you all the trouble (and potential heartache), I present to you red flags we tend to ignore most…

1.) Cell Phone Jitters. Never once have you ever even thought about looking through his phone, and even though he goes out of his way to hide his screen and secretly text when you’re not looking, you still have no desire to know what’s in that phone of his. Just know, you probably won’t like what he’s hiding. Take precaution.

2.) Dating Dilemma: If you’ve never been out on a “date” then you’re not actually dating. Instead, you have one of those middle school relationships where dating is considered holding hands behind the park bench at recess time and pecking each other on the cheek as all your creepy little friends stand around and watch.

3.) Facebook Fraud: Ah, the social network drama. Somehow it’s become a commonplace argument among young couples, 2.0. I personally don’t like having the whole cyber world in my business so relationship statuses are unimportant to me, but if your beau actually takes the time out to untag himself in every picture of the two of you, I think now would be a good time to get suspicious.

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