Let me start by saying that the p*ssy bill is at an all time low. Sorry for the vulgarity of that statement, but that is it’s truest and most simple form. Women are handing it over for gym shoes and V.I.P. club access. They are putting  on their clown suits at an alarming rate – making it look like the mass majority of women accept sub par dating methods. Making it look like it’s perfectly cool to proposition a women for sex after a few days. Not at all am I saying a guy needs to spend his life savings to purchase a chastity belt key…but I guess I’m just looking for time, effort, something.

(Actually a chick just told me about how a guy bought her a drink at the bar and then handed her a hotel room key. Really? Does this work for some people? It has to, or he wouldn’t have done that.)

I am about to make a huge sweeping generalization about the male species, but I’m just going off a recent personal experience and real life situations my friends and I talk about. Most guys just want sex. And guys of this 21st century don’t even want to work for it. Everyone talks about wanting to find the one, and being in love, but really I don’t think anyone wants that. Especially men. You have a few phone conversations (actually text message conversations these days), a couple dinners, a few movies, and voila! It’s time to give up the panties.

Have women really made it this easy? Is there no value in waiting for the right one anymore? I mean, to get technical, my religion teaches me to wait until marriage for physical affections. I can openly admit I have backslid in this area multiple times, but that doesn’t mean every guy I talk to will have personal sexy time with me. Not at all. And actually the older I get the more I am willing to just wait for some consistency, stable understanding, dare I say it…Marriage. Sex isn’t super important to me. I recognize its function in relationships and I completely get that some people just can’t live without it.

But I can.

Does it get hard? Yes. Of course. But let me get back on topic. The guys I run into seem to think I am just this free spirit that is ready for whatever. Or at least that’s what I’ve made up in my mind based on the things they ask me, or the conversations I’ve had with them. In turn, the ending result of every conversation/failed attempt to date is that I will be single forever because I don’t “act right”. But I mean seriously, what have you done to make me want to act right?…

Dinner? I can cook. Movies? I have a job. Monetary items? Wait, I have two jobs.

…where is the fun? The relationship? The emotional support? The engaging conversations? The intangibles I can’t get from anywhere but you?

And when on earth did it become cool to just blatantly ask a woman for sex? Rap music did this! I blame rap music! And reality TV. …moving along. Why am I going to be single forever because I don’t cozy up with every nigga I run into? And what makes you any different than the last sleaze ball that tried me? When did taking someone down become the basis of what a great relationship would be?  #menwewantanswers

If you do this with every pretty face or fat ass you see, why would I want you in that way? What makes me special? Nothing right? So that’s what you get. Granted, this can go both ways – as far as women expecting men to dish out their cash instantly. I’m not one of those girls, so I can’t openly speak on that. I will say that we live in an instant-gratification-expecting society, so that could partially be to blame. Everyone has cut out the middle man; dating.


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4 thoughts on “#MenWeWantsAnswers”

  1. Gosh,this is one if the realest posts I’ve ever read,and it makes me admire you more as a female.Lol.But,seriously.I have soooo much to say,but I refuse to write my own personal blog entry in your comment section.lol. Anywhoo,I come with a different perspective than most….I’m a young,educated,attractive female……who still has her v-card. Let me tell you, of you want to completely silence,intimidate,scare off,or challenge a man….tell him you’re a virgin.Sad,but true. Personally, due to my Christian beliefs, I have decided to wait.But,as you stated, even if I didn’t have the card, I wouldn’t just be out here having sex with every guy I date.As females,we have failed miserably in this area.smh.Not to sound like the spokesperson of a female empowerment movement, but we need to take back the power,and demand that these losers that call themselves “men” step up their game.

  2. dope blog. I think alotta people don’t know how to date. You give em one shot to get everything right and if they mess up you bury em. gettin to know somebody takes hella time n effort. and like u said most people aren’t that patient

  3. I’ve heard this story from many a women. As a man I even see it happening myself. So’ I’ll say that most men do want just sex and as you stated they must be getting it or they wouldn’t try these tactics. Their are women that Will go to that hotel room so guys will try everyone until they find her. For those that aren’t like that, keep saying no and the right one pops up eventually…great post.

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