Life.Sex.Death. In No Particular Order. :: Unif

Life. Sex. Death. Awesome right? The whole cut-off tee thing is giving me life this summer. Very easy to throw on.

Sleeveless crewneck tank featuring graphic at front; deep armholes with raw hem; intentional distressing throughout; 52% modal, 48% cotton. By UNIF

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Let me start by saying that the p*ssy bill is at an all time low. Sorry for the vulgarity of that statement, but that is it’s truest and most simple form. Women are handing it over for gym shoes and V.I.P. club access. They are putting  on their clown suits at an alarming rate – making it look like the mass majority of women accept sub par dating methods. Making it look like it’s perfectly cool to proposition a women for sex after a few days. Not at all am I saying a guy needs to spend his life savings to purchase a chastity belt key…but I guess I’m just looking for time, effort, something.

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Shot In The Dark… Post Sex

This has no relevance to my personal life, but I’ve always wondered…

What do people do when sex is over? Especially if it was with a random (Yes. Anyone you have sex with that isn’t your boyfriend/girlfriend is a random.)

People have sex to get their rocks off (sorry for the bluntness). To bask in the chemical rush that comes post-coitus. However, when the erections disappear and our Neanderthal brains stop screaming “must have sex now,” what happens?

What do you do? Laugh? Put your clothes on, stuff your bra in your purse and skidaddle? Well I googled it (Yes. I google everything.) and I found a cute article answering my question. Check it out!

Other options from Ness at College Candy:

Clean up: Albeit not the most romantic thing, the post-sex cleanup is definitely a must. Either do the half-naked walk to the washroom, or, for even more convenience, keep a box of Kleenex or a roll of toilet paper beside the bed. After that little task is complete, everything is fair game.

Eat: Hey, you worked hard! Making some kind of treat together (cookies, anyone?) leads to a full tummy and a somewhat cute way to spend some time together. If you’d really just like to stay in bed (perhaps naked), ice cream is a personal favorite. Yum!

Go out: There’s nothing better than that post-sex glow, so why not take advantage of it? Get dressed up and go for dinner, or go out for a walk. Don’t forget your “guess what we just did” smile.

Watch a movie: OK, so maybe there is one thing better than the after-sex glow: curling up on the couch with a good movie. Not only is it a great time to get your cuddle on,  but also – who doesn’t love a good movie?

Pillow talk: I heard somewhere that a man is most like himself right after sex. While I don’t know if that’s true, I do know that some of my favorite relationship-deepening conversations I’ve had have happened while in bed.

Smoke: As much as I can’t morally encourage you to smoke, many people choose to light up post-coitus. According to my roommate, it “calms your heart rate.” But, I’ll let you figure that out for yourself.

Go to sleep: I know, I know, it’s cliché. But those sexy chemicals can make anyone tired. Have a nice little spoon sesh and call it a night.

Funny right? I know.

What do you do?

21 Things That Will Surely Ruin An Orgasm

While we are on the topic of sex…

I found a really funny article about things that would definitely kill any chance of orgasm….

Whether you’re having sexual intercourse, oral sex, or just fooling around, there is nothing more irritating than something ruining your orgasm just before you climax. After all, orgasming isn’t easy to achieve, at least not for everyone. So when you’ve been working towards the big O and suddenly stumble, you’ll definitely be experiencing some serious sexual frustration. Not only do men get blue balls, women get them too. We just call them pink balls. Whether you get pink-balled or blue-balled, sexual frustration isn’t easy to relieve, especially when you have to deal with any of these 21 orgasm killers.

  1. A phone call: Whether it’s mom, dad, grandma, or your ex calling, hearing the phone ring is definitely a buzz kill. Something about being on the tip of your climax and knowing Granny Sue is calling isn’t very sexy.
  2. Baby talk: There is nothing about baby talk that is sexy when you’re making someone orgasm. Period. Unless your partner has a fetish for little children, and in that case … get out of bed.
  3. “Shh, be quiet”: If you’re about to reach that point where your toes are curling under, your leg is shaking, and you just happen to be a little loud, and then your partner tells you to be quiet, no more orgasm for you.
  4. Bad change of music: Great music has been on the whole time, and just as you’re about to reach the O-zone, the song switches to “Y.M.C.A” by The Village People. The only thing Y.M.C.A stands for at that point is: Yes, my clit absolutely hates you.
  5. “Did you come yet?”: Being rushed into anything sucks, especially an orgasm.
  6. “Is it my turn yet?”: Being selfish is always a turn off. Let your partner indulge in their orgasm, don’t ruin it because you want one too. You’ll get yours.
  7. Random dirty talk: Unless you and your partner are used to dirty talking, being at the brink of coming and hearing your partner say “you like that s**t, baby” or “oh yeah, daddy” can’t be more of a buzz kill.
  8. Your pet joins in: You’re about to climax when your cute dog Buddy decides he wants some loving too by licking your face. There is nothing orgasmic about a threesome with your pet.
  9. TV: Whether it’s “Sports Center,” breaking news, or the sadist scene in “The Notebook,” someone is going to get distracted. Focus on the orgasm, not the TV, OK?
  10. Queef: Oops.