RiRi for M.A.C Cosmetics – White-Hot Holiday Colour

Rihanna is stunning. Check out her new collection from M.A.C Cosmetics.


Rihanna’s stunning shades of metallic majesty and confident colour gives eyes, lips, face and nails white-hot winter appeal, all in her limited-edition packaging with rose gold detailing. Now available online. Launched in-store December 12.

More pics and purchase information when you read more.

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Jake Gyllenhaal Covers GQ Magazine Australia

Wednesday’s man candy award goes to…actor Jake Gyllenhaal! Check him out as he lands the cover of GQ Australia November 2013 edition (shot by Nino Munoz).


”Our November issue is here – and, well, it’s huge. Not only do we have an exclusive interview with cover star Jake Gyllenhaal, who spills the beans on life in Hollywood, his on-set ritual (hint: it includes Britney, Rihanna and Miley) and winding up his sister, just for fun.

We grab some one-on-one with Tom Waterhouse, the heir to one of the country’s biggest racing legacies and who’s managed to build a name for himself, winning him plenty of money – and no shortage of haters.

And there’s also sexy shoot with local beauty Robyn Lawley, we travel to La Paz for a spot of wrestling, we try to find our happy place and then we still manage to fit in all the fashion and features you’ve come to know and love. Don’t miss it.” – gq.com.au

Check out the spread when you read more.

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New Arrival :: River Island x Rihanna Collection [Autumn 2013]

Clearly influenced by  ‘borrowed from the boys’, the worlds ‘Good Girl Gone Bad’ collaborated with River Island to create a clothing collection fit for the best of the best hypebeast’s.



I can’t say I’m a fan of the designs but a few pieces stood out to me. Most of the items that were seen on Rihanna are sold out online already (go figure). The price points are pretty standard, although some pieces I’m like… um why does it cost that much? What do you guys think?

Check out my slim pickings and purchase information when you read more.

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Complex Spread : Rihanna & Her 7 Covers



Rihanna’s moving forkfuls of calamaretti fritti onto her plate at celebrity hot-spot Giorgio Baldi, her favorite restaurant in Santa Monica. Even when she’s eating, her posture stays upright like a ballerina, long and graceful. In between bites, she explains how to take a flattering selfie for Instagram.

“Get a good light,” she says, adjusting the Prada Minimal Baroque glasses on the bridge of her nose. Her heavy gold necklace slinks around the front of her black adidas sweatshirt as she turns to order spaghetti semplice from the server. “Get a good angle on what’s working for you that day,” she says with a laugh. Rihanna enunciates every word and hits every consonant, her hands dancing as she talks. “If it’s boobs, make sure you hit that. If it’s face, make sure it’s fierce.”

Read more to see all seven covers and to get the full story from Complex Magazine.

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Cover Art. Rihanna ‘Side Effects’ + ‘Diamonds’

Bad Girl Rihanna is set to release her seventh studio album on November 27. Titled ‘Side Effects’ the album will feature productions from Stargate, Sia and many more. Check out the official cover.

I’m eager to see the range in her track list…mostly because her latest single “Diamonds”, was completely different than most of her typical erotic-city-lets-do-the-sex-and-use-drugs music. As far as the cover, I’m not super impressed but she’s a beautiful girl, so really anything with her face kind of works.

Check out her single ‘Diamonds’ when you read more.

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Melody Ehsani :: Goddess Isis Earrings

Cues Rihanna’s boob tattoo.. but not really. Check out these earrings from designer Melody Ehsani, featuring the Egyptian goddess Isis, laser etched on mirrored acrylic with gold plated hoop earring.

More pics and purchase information when you read more.

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Video: “How Rihanna Surprised Me” – Oprah

Not to say this interview is only relevant because its Oprah… but unless Rihanna reveals that she traded her vocal ability to Ursula in exchange for a chance to shed her mermaid tail… I can’t imagine anything new or incredible will be said. But because I am a Rihanna fan, I will be tuning in.

Read more for a preview of the highly anticipated interview.

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“Somebody” I.D. Bracelet – Melody Ehsani

Check out this “Somebody” I.D. bracelet  from designer Melody Ehsani. Her work has been seen on the likes of Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Diggy Simmons and Keri Hilson.

I adore her current collection! Check it out when you read more.

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Beyonce’ In Givenchy @ Met Gala 2012

Bish you better werk. Beyonce did not disappoint in a sheer Givenchy couture at the Met Gala.

Aside from a few pics of Can-Do-No-Wrong-King-Beautiful-Butter-Cake-Bey, check out this video of Rihanna, Scarlett, SJP, Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hillary Swank, Liv Tyler and others on the red carpet when you read on.

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“Birthday Cake” – @Rihanna (Talk That Talk)

Rihanna is winning with this album. It leaked a few days ago – so naturally my musically curious ass downloaded it.

Its awesome.

I’m not going to share all the songs or the link…but I will encourage everyone to go pick her album up November 21st ( I have already pre-ordered mine on i-Tunes). My personal favorite on her album is a song called “Cockiness (Love It)” , and this cute little (I’m guessing interlude) song that should have been an actual full length joint, “Birthday Cake”…