Complex Spread : Rihanna & Her 7 Covers



Rihanna’s moving forkfuls of calamaretti fritti onto her plate at celebrity hot-spot Giorgio Baldi, her favorite restaurant in Santa Monica. Even when she’s eating, her posture stays upright like a ballerina, long and graceful. In between bites, she explains how to take a flattering selfie for Instagram.

“Get a good light,” she says, adjusting the Prada Minimal Baroque glasses on the bridge of her nose. Her heavy gold necklace slinks around the front of her black adidas sweatshirt as she turns to order spaghetti semplice from the server. “Get a good angle on what’s working for you that day,” she says with a laugh. Rihanna enunciates every word and hits every consonant, her hands dancing as she talks. “If it’s boobs, make sure you hit that. If it’s face, make sure it’s fierce.”

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Cover Art. Rihanna ‘Side Effects’ + ‘Diamonds’

Bad Girl Rihanna is set to release her seventh studio album on November 27. Titled ‘Side Effects’ the album will feature productions from Stargate, Sia and many more. Check out the official cover.

I’m eager to see the range in her track list…mostly because her latest single “Diamonds”, was completely different than most of her typical erotic-city-lets-do-the-sex-and-use-drugs music. As far as the cover, I’m not super impressed but she’s a beautiful girl, so really anything with her face kind of works.

Check out her single ‘Diamonds’ when you read more.

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