Jake Gyllenhaal Covers GQ Magazine Australia

Wednesday’s man candy award goes to…actor Jake Gyllenhaal! Check him out as he lands the cover of GQ Australia November 2013 edition (shot by Nino Munoz).


”Our November issue is here – and, well, it’s huge. Not only do we have an exclusive interview with cover star Jake Gyllenhaal, who spills the beans on life in Hollywood, his on-set ritual (hint: it includes Britney, Rihanna and Miley) and winding up his sister, just for fun.

We grab some one-on-one with Tom Waterhouse, the heir to one of the country’s biggest racing legacies and who’s managed to build a name for himself, winning him plenty of money – and no shortage of haters.

And there’s also sexy shoot with local beauty Robyn Lawley, we travel to La Paz for a spot of wrestling, we try to find our happy place and then we still manage to fit in all the fashion and features you’ve come to know and love. Don’t miss it.” – gq.com.au

Check out the spread when you read more.

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Love And Other Drugs

You would think I am OVER all these movies about love. But I’m not. I obsess over them actually.

Anyway, I can’t wait to see “Love And Other Drugs”! It comes out November 24th! I love when there is a tasteful mix of humor, romance and crying. (Crying doesn’t really fit, but a proper word escapes me).

You meet thousands of people, and then you meet that one person that changes your life forever.

New Movie: Brothers

DECEMBER 4, 2009. Save the date!

This movie looks sick. I will definitely be going to see it 🙂

Basically a marine goes “missing” overseas, leaving behind a wife and two kids. His outcast brother then steps in and develops a bond with his grieving family. Then uh oh…the marine brother is alive.

What is going to happen?? I don’t know. What I do know, is the movies goes from sad circumstances to happily ever after love story, to suspense serial killer sort of thing!