Throw It Back :: P.Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole – ‘Last Night’

So randomly I’m minding my business cleaning my apartment and my iTunes shuffle gets the party started. Do you guys remember this song??? What about the video???

Circa 2007. “Last Night” – P. Diddy featuring Keyshia Cole …where was I in 2007 and why did this song touch my spirit??

Read more to see the official video.

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Throwback Joint: Lil Kim ft. @iamdiddy “No Matter What They Say”

Dear Nicki Minaj, I like your work and all (I really do), but Lil Kim is the original H(ead).B(arbie).I(n).C(harge).

There I said it.

Throwback joint: No Matter What They Say – Lil Kim (Check out all the talent in that video! Clowing in 2000)

And check out “How Many Licks” – Lil Kim (this was in 2000 right? I wonder how many people were walking around calling themselves a Barbie then? Oh…Nicki Minaj followers weren’t born yet LOL)