Brooklyn Legends. By Brian Wood

Check out graphic designer Brian Wood’s “Brooklyn Legends” sweatshirt; featuring ODB, Lil’ Kim, B.I.G., Mike Tyson, Chris Rock, Michael Jordan and many more. Dope concept. Definitely a must have.

Via Thefader.

Lil Kim “Black Friday” [Shots Fired @NickiMinaj]

Time out. Biggie must have visited Kim in her dreams and told her to get her sh*t together. She spit a few bogus lines, but hunny…

The thing is, I respect Nicki and I respect Kim. Nicki getting her money and Kim is staying relevant.

Throwback Joint: Lil Kim ft. @iamdiddy “No Matter What They Say”

Dear Nicki Minaj, I like your work and all (I really do), but Lil Kim is the original H(ead).B(arbie).I(n).C(harge).

There I said it.

Throwback joint: No Matter What They Say – Lil Kim (Check out all the talent in that video! Clowing in 2000)

And check out “How Many Licks” – Lil Kim (this was in 2000 right? I wonder how many people were walking around calling themselves a Barbie then? Oh…Nicki Minaj followers weren’t born yet LOL)

Justin Combs Sweet 16

First I want to get this out the way: Justin Combs may be the finest little 16 year old I have ever seen.

Cutie pie.

Anyway …Justin Combs had a Super Sweet Sixteen birthday party last night at M2 in New York. The party had an “I Am Prince” theme,  as Justin arrived with his princess, Nicki Minaj on his arm.

Performances included Jim Jones, Fabolous, Juelz, Santana, Heavy D, Jada Kiss, Trey Songz and a serenade of “The Birthday Song” by daddy Diddy and aunty Lil Kim.

Other guests included Teyana Taylor, Diggy Simmons, DJ Clue and Quincy Brown. Justin was later gifted with $10,000 which he donated to the Haiti victims (Did you contribute?) and a Maybach.

Yeah because all 16 year olds should get Maybach’s for their birthday. I got two of them thangs lol. But seriously, what did you expect from the son of Puff Daddy?

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New Music: Grindin Making Money

(In my BEST Beyonce voice) I knew it would come to this!

New music: ‘Grindin Making Money’ – Birdman feat. Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj

The song is OK…but only because Nicki Minaj goes hard. Lil Kim prolly should retire, and weezy should continue writing Birdman’s verse.


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Click here to download ‘Grindin Making Money’ -Birdman feat. Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj