Throw It Back :: P.Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole – ‘Last Night’

So randomly I’m minding my business cleaning my apartment and my iTunes shuffle gets the party started. Do you guys remember this song??? What about the video???

Circa 2007. “Last Night” – P. Diddy featuring Keyshia Cole …where was I in 2007 and why did this song touch my spirit??

Read more to see the official video.

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Get Yo mama…




Forreal, I used to watch the Keyshia Cole show, and I did enjoy it. Now WHY they gave her mother and her sister a show…I’ll NEVER understand. I will say that in NO WAY are the things you see on the Frankie and Neffe show endorsed by normal working class African Americans.

Love N Junk

Aww isnt this cute 🙂 Keyshia Cole and beau Daniel “Boobie” Gibson got matching haircuts!

This is probably how their conversation went:

KC: Hey honey! We are so adorable. The public loves us, so I think we should get matching haircuts.

DBG: Ahh yea thats dope. I been getting shapes cut in my head anyway!

KC: Yay! kisses 😉


Yeah Im reaching…LOL but this is cute in a weird temporary kinda way!

In a perfect world…

So I absolutely LOVE Keri Hilson’s new CD “In A Perfect World“. It was released yesterday (March 24, 2009), and you know I was one of the firsts to get it! (ok I made that up, it was 8:43pm when I walked in Best Buy…I had stuff to do…it’s a school day..geesh)

Anyway, the CD is definitely a great buy, easy listen. Aside from the radio singles “Turnin me on” , “Energy” and “Knock You Down”, I absolutley love “Get your money up” featuring Keyshia Cole and The Baddest Chic Trina.

Ms. Keri baby has major talent. Get  a copy! NOW!

Here is a snippet of  “Get your money up”…