Jessica Rabbit Halloween Makeover By @AndreasChoice & More!

Happy Halloween ya’ll! Check out this cool Jessica Rabbit makeup tutorial from makeup guru AndreasChoice!

Peep the video and my halloween costume when you read more.

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Fli Pelican is a M#%$F#CKIN MoNSta! @ninoflipelican

What are you going to be for Halloween? Well the guys over at Fli Pelican invite you to be a…

M#%$F#CKIN MoNSta!

…This is a dope concept to me. I wonder how many brands are going to bite this?

Check out this special Halloween edition hoodie from Fli Pelican. Available for purchase Saturday, October 30th.

I’m Late!! SO effin WHAT?

So I am a few days late for this Halloween post (sorry…I do have a life outside of blogging). I have a bunch of Halloween costume flics (celebrity and not so celebrity) but I don’t really feel like waiting on them to load (sorry), so here are just a few.

Beyonce was Spider Man. Fetch. <–Fetch will never work.