Fli Pelican is a M#%$F#CKIN MoNSta! @ninoflipelican

What are you going to be for Halloween? Well the guys over at Fli Pelican invite you to be a…

M#%$F#CKIN MoNSta!

…This is a dope concept to me. I wonder how many brands are going to bite this?

Check out this special Halloween edition hoodie from Fli Pelican. Available for purchase Saturday, October 30th.

FINALLY!? Fli Pelican Ladies! @ninoflipelican

After years of anticipation (I may be exaggerating a small bit), Fli Pelican is FINALLY releasing some female pieces 🙂

Don’t jump for joy yet. Release date is tentative…so be on ALERT!

In the mean time, check out the Fli Pelican Blog for further updates and other cool shit.