My Dream Had A Soundtrack

I’m pretty sure because I fell asleep with my music on (and lots of NyQuil; darn summer colds!) that my dream was ultra trippy. Well anyway, I had a dream that I was hanging out on a porch in New York with Drake and Lil Wayne. Drake and I actually went for a walk where he was basically giving me secrets to life; my life. He then picked me up and carried me around New York on his shoulders. And this song was playing ever so subtly in the back ground.

Gotye – “Hearts A Mess”

What I got from it is… I need to date and open up to Drake. And no, I’m not a creep.

An Unabridged List of Things That Have Kept Me Alive This Weekend

  • Not being dead.
  • Screaming “Somebody That I Used To Know” – Gotye, alone in my car.
  • Peach Ciroc and Sprite with Nicole, Monica and Mr. Lova Luvher (who by the way doesn’t get to be my lover. what a tease.)
  • Debit card overdraft protection.
  • Lunch with an old friend. Thats not really my friend. Kind of. Well I guess so. Undecided.
  • Cartoon e-card cursing at me because it was Friday.

Music: “Somebody That I Used To Know” – Gotye ft. Kimbra

This has been on repeat for several days now. I can’t say I understand or even care for the visual to accompany this song, but geesh! This is great music. My friend and I are planning to redo the video…so stay tuned!

Kimbra has a beautiful voice.

Sidebar – How accurate and raw are the lyrics as it relates to a breakup? Shit just got real.