Music: “Somebody That I Used To Know” – Gotye ft. Kimbra

This has been on repeat for several days now. I can’t say I understand or even care for the visual to accompany this song, but geesh! This is great music. My friend and I are planning to redo the video…so stay tuned!

Kimbra has a beautiful voice.

Sidebar – How accurate and raw are the lyrics as it relates to a breakup? Shit just got real.

Why would you wanna break up?

Every dating relationship you have with the opposite sex WILL have its ups and downs. There is no such thing as perfect. Something may be as close to perfect as humanly possible, but never perfect.


BUT why would you want perfect anyway? Where would the spice (or make-up sex…just kidding) come in…if everything were always peachy keen?

Anyway…the point of me starting this little post is to list clear break-up signs :-\ Granted, I haven’t been in a functioning relationship in about two years, but I still think I know a little something. Things dont have to be perfect, but do recognize when times up. Take it or leave it 🙂

10.) Lack of Contact – at first you guys were inseparable; texts, emails, phone calls, aims and bbm’s on the hour where normal. Now, not so much.

9.) There is No Talk of the Future – everyone plans their life at some point, and usually when you like someone they fit in these future plans. You, not so much.

8.) Lack of Effort – remember how, when you first got together, neither of you could come up with plans quick enough on what to do together. Now, not so much.

7.) Fighting Dirty – silly fights were always cute because then you get to touch each other 🙂 Now when he mentions you wreak of daddy issues….Not so much.

6.) Fighting Quickly – when you used to crack a joke, it was funny. Now when you crack a joke or even open your mouth, its annoying and abruptly becomes a small fight.

5.) Fighting Publicly – fighting is bad enough, but when you do it publicly that means you give less than a shit who knows. And judging by what you say, public fighting can get pretty disrespectful.

4.) Needing Independence ASAP – We used to do everything together, skip going out with your buddies, you want to be with me! Every waking moment, just because. Now, not so much.

3.) Keeping Secrets – “What? I thought I told you about that. Well how did you find out anyway? Just curious.” You used to tell your partner everything, or felt comfortable talking about anything. Now, not so much.

2.) Change in Perception – You used to think he had the most adorable freckles, or her laugh was amazingly cute. Now his freckles make you think of leprosy, and that laugh is more unbearable than scratching the chalkboard with your nails.

1.) I’ll let you guys think of one 🙂

P.S. this is all in fun 🙂