Trust Your Personal Timing

Throughout life people will tell you what you should and should not be doing. Society will provide general standards and timelines of where you should be at in life by a certain age. The truth is, everyone grows, learns and develops at a different pace. All too often do we find ourselves comparing our chapter one with someone else chapter eleven. Or listening to people who don’t have to personally deal with whatever consequences or rewards your actions reap.

Something I’ve had to learn to do is trust my personal timing. Trust the timing God has designed specifically and absolutely for me and only me. As I grow older I realize that you can’t be happy with anything in this world, as long as you are not happy with yourself. You can’t look for happiness in other people or in what other people do for you — it seriously has to come from within.



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Hello Detroit!

I hopped in my car for a road trip last weekend. I braved the highway for about 10 hours; venturing to Detroit to visit my family and celebrate my grandmothers 85th birthday!! I got to visit my cousin Jessica and her family, hang with my best buddies, and eat at the glorious Michigan ONLY food spots. I wish I could’ve stayed a little longer…but if you know me, you know I’m a slave to work. Back on that clock come Monday morning!

I got to get a full body massage, eat my cousins famous spaghetti, celebrate a 5th birthday, laugh because Dave couldn’t remember my name, visit a mock jury selection (my cousin is in Law School), do some shopping, drive in the pouring rain, go to a bar and have a few drinks, go to King of Diamonds in Detroit (yea they have one), drag luggage up three flights of stairs (thx LaQuail), laugh the entire time, eat delicious omelets (thx Man), shop some more, party with the family, laugh some more, pop up on my breezy (thx Brittney), sleepover with the bestie, make a music video (thx Kelly), and eat eat eat. There are a few things/people I didn’t get to do/see … but I’ll be back before you know it!

Here are a few pics!

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