Enjoy Detroit! Joe’s Coney Island

As a Detroit native, I feel it only right to represent whenever I can.

Check out this tee shirt from Joe’s Coney Island (I’ve mentioned this brand before here). Available in several color ways including red, grey, and green.  This tee is a super popular item in the city streets, so I suggest you get one while you can!

Available here!

Leader of the New School. Who is La’Britney?

This past year has definitely been Detroit’s time to shine in the entertainment world. So it comes to no surprise that urban-pop newcomer La’Britney has been creating a buzz around town.

Born and raised in the home of Motown, La’Britney is aiming to carve her own lane amongst the musical legends. Known for her big hair, big personality, and big voice she is proving she can definitely hold her own on and off the stage. 

Her new singles “Show me something” and “Ride” are just a small taste of what’s to come for the curly-haired songstress. She is currently on tour promoting her singles and can be seen gracing the pages of Hip Hop Weekly and Upscale magazines. 

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Official Video:: ‘Don’t Show Up When I Blow Up’ – @OffRip

Detroit’s own OffRip released the official video for his single “Don’t Show Up When I Blow Up” . Paris Hilton may or may not have made an appearance in this mug! It is 4am…my mind could be playing tricks on me though. Either way, this is legit one of the coolest videos I’ve seen come out of Detroit. There is plenty of eye candy, shiny cars, ciroc bottles, camera angles, and fine tall men!

Peep the video and info on OffRip when you read more! Mixtape available June 26!

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Hello Detroit!

I hopped in my car for a road trip last weekend. I braved the highway for about 10 hours; venturing to Detroit to visit my family and celebrate my grandmothers 85th birthday!! I got to visit my cousin Jessica and her family, hang with my best buddies, and eat at the glorious Michigan ONLY food spots. I wish I could’ve stayed a little longer…but if you know me, you know I’m a slave to work. Back on that clock come Monday morning!

I got to get a full body massage, eat my cousins famous spaghetti, celebrate a 5th birthday, laugh because Dave couldn’t remember my name, visit a mock jury selection (my cousin is in Law School), do some shopping, drive in the pouring rain, go to a bar and have a few drinks, go to King of Diamonds in Detroit (yea they have one), drag luggage up three flights of stairs (thx LaQuail), laugh the entire time, eat delicious omelets (thx Man), shop some more, party with the family, laugh some more, pop up on my breezy (thx Brittney), sleepover with the bestie, make a music video (thx Kelly), and eat eat eat. There are a few things/people I didn’t get to do/see … but I’ll be back before you know it!

Here are a few pics!

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‘Joe’s Coney Island’ Streetwear @JoesConeyIsland

I miss just about everything about Detroit.

Check out this super dope crew neck sweat shirt from ‘Joe’s Coney Island’ brand wear. Hailing from Detroit, Joe Lawton (lead designer), basically capitalized on a staple in the community; Coney Island. With super awesome phrases and colorways, this brand is definitely a must have for anyone in search of rooted urban wear.

A personal favorite is this mug right here.

View more favs and purchase info after you read more.

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REMIX! @BigSean feat. @NickiMinaj – Dance (a**)

This is probably the most ratchet song on the radio right now (sikey naw) …but I LOVE IT. I mean, I loved it before because it reminded me of the old Detroit mixes (shout out to middle school)…but Nicki did it for me!

Awesome job Sean! The city is proud of you.

Check the song when you read more.

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Detroit Students Remake Jay-Z “Empire State Of Mind”

As a Detroit native…this made me smile 🙂

Students from the Detroit Academy of Arts & Science choir got together to recreate Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind”; but with a Detroit twist! It’s super adorable and creative.

Welcome to Detroit!

Mr. Cocky & Arrogant is Back! @OffRip

Mr. Cocky & Arrogant himself is back with a new joint; Charles Barkley.  Collaborating with some of Detroit’s finest MC’s, Off Rip cleverly addresses thoughts of marriage by letting his conquests know you’ll never see him get that ring…he’s Charles Barkley.

I’m sure he was joking 🙂 …and this song makes me want to ride in an old school, smoking mary jane with the windows up. No?

Off Rip also released a new song called “They Say”, featuring songstress Bobbi on the chorus. The song is a perfect blend of puns, things that make you go “hmm”, and melodies that will lock this mug in your head. Check it out here!


Cocky & Arrogant. The Remix. @OffRip

I’m sick. I’m dope. I’m ill.

Remember that time I posted the new single “Cocky & Arrogant” by Detroit’s own Off Rip? Well he got a remix. And by “he” I mean 16 of Detroit’s hottest rappers! Deemed “Super Sweet 16”, the Cocky & Arrogant Remix is a tasteful combination of punch lines, metaphor’s, and arrogant paradoxes. Hype it.

Click here to download “Cocky & Arrogant” the remix.