Trust Your Personal Timing

Throughout life people will tell you what you should and should not be doing. Society will provide general standards and timelines of where you should be at in life by a certain age. The truth is, everyone grows, learns and develops at a different pace. All too often do we find ourselves comparing our chapter one with someone else chapter eleven. Or listening to people who don’t have to personally deal with whatever consequences or rewards your actions reap.

Something I’ve had to learn to do is trust my personal timing. Trust the timing God has designed specifically and absolutely for me and only me. As I grow older I realize that you can’t be happy with anything in this world, as long as you are not happy with yourself. You can’t look for happiness in other people or in what other people do for you — it seriously has to come from within.



My whole life I’ve had this plan; education, career, travel, true love then family. Looking at my friends, they’ve pretty much kept up with that order (in their own variation), while I definitely skipped through my plan and left a couple things out (I think I beat myself up about what I left out all too often). I’m 28 years old! I have a one year old son and I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for a little over a year. Though I am extremely blessed to be in the position I am in, I have grown to realize that staying at home just isn’t for [me]. I love the time I have been able to spend with my child, I just find myself comparing my life and accomplishments with my childless, working friends. Granted, I wouldn’t change anything about my life, I just recognize and trust “my personal timing”.

It’s time for me to get back on track with my personal & career goals. A main reason I haven’t been to work, despite having graduated twice over, is because I didn’t feel comfortable with having a stranger look after my son. I basically felt like NO ONE could look after my son like ME, especially someone outside of my immediate family. Which is actually still true – but I’ve learned that it’s OK. It literally took me a year to understand the tried and true theory, “It Takes A Village”. It is more important that my son gain social skills and independence; which is something he would do in the care of someone else. It is also more important for me to be out in the world contributing to my household on a different level and making sure I radiate a happiness that spills over into everything I do. Plus I think my husband would totally appreciate the “monetary pitch-in”.

With all that randomness being said, ladies and gentlemen, trust your personal timing. What is meant for you will be there for you when YOU are ready. Life is ever changing and focusing on what is not happening for you not only causes unwarranted stress, but it blurs your ultimate vision on happiness. Don’t take what other people are doing as a marker of personal success or failures. The best advice I’ve ever gotten was not to take any advice.

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