Old [New] Music :: @YunaMusic – “Someone Out of Town” & “Lullabies”

I stan for a great song. Randomly on instagram, a rather creative fashion designer featured this artist as background music for one of her sketches. Almost immediately I took to the Google Gods to find this tune. Turns out…


The song I heard was called “Someone Out of Town” by Yuna Zarai, a Malaysian singer, songwriter, and businesswoman. Amazingly fresh, honest, and deeply personal, Yuna’s music is a must hear. Also check out another instant favorite, “Lullabies”. These two songs are pretty old, but she is recognized for her more recent work “Live Your Life”, that reached Billboard’s Heat-seeker’s

Check out more pictures, listen and download the songs when you read more.

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New Music :: Janelle Monae ft. Miguel – “Primetime”

This entire album is beautiful and artistic. The production on this joint is crazy! A particular favorite of mine is “Primetime” featuring Miguel. In stores TODAY! Check it out!


Check out the Official Audio when you read more.

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New Video: Chris Brown – “Fine China”

Check out Chris Brown’s new music video “Fine China”. As an intro to his sixth studio album “X”, Brown has decided to release a series of 10 music videos – as an ode to the album title. “Fine China’s” video and song composition is clearly inspired by the late great King of Pop, Michael Jackson.


Check out the video and a few comments when you read more.

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What I’m Trying To Say … Never Say Never

You know you’re a 90s kid when you hear “Never Say Never” and you think of Brandy, not Justin Bieber! Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Brandy fan. Listening to her music as an adult (as opposed to a struggling 10 year old) is super surreal! How beautiful is this message though…


Brandy – “Never Say Never”

If you care to read a short story about a middle school struggle turned triumph… continue reading.

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Throwback Joint :: “The Best of Me” – Mya ft. Jada Kiss

I’ve been a Mya fan since before her collaboration with lesbian r&b singer, Sisquo, on “It’s all about me“. Totally joking kind of! Anyway, I was cooking some late lunch/early dinner when my iTunes took me down memory lane. I decided to share with you guys! Enjoy!

“The Best of Me” – Mya featuring Jadakiss 

DIVA: Female Version of a…

So DOPE isn’t the word…probably not FRESH either. HYPE? Nah…

Lets try FI-YAH (that’s my new word for anything beyond fabulous, miraculous, phenomenal, all that). Get it? Cool.

Ok..so there are a lot of young artists out there doing there thing right now, but none like Ms. Lil Ma Smith. Born Lea Nicole Smith, in Torrance, California, she moved to Detroit in 1994, where her love for the business of entertainment began to manifest. At the age of 20, Ms. Smith (a fricken scholarship awarded, college student I may add) is a veteran to the game, performing locally and abroad.newlilma3

I had a chance to chop it up with her a few weeks ago, and she gave me a little incite on her new album. She is releasing an album this summer called “Lemonade”. The name is a little strange but, it has a story behind it…

“Me and my mother were tossing different names back and forth and couldn’t decide on one. She finally said, “If you don’t come up with a name, in a minute I’mma call this album Lemonade”. I thought about it and decided that Lemonade was very fitting for the album because of the message and story behind the songs. This album is all about real accounts of relationships and different guys that I’ve dealt with who have all in a sense been, “lemons”, who could have otherwise left a bitter and sour taste in my mouth, but instead I took these situations and made “Lemonade”. So, that’s where the name comes from.” -Lea

Sounds amazing to me!

Ms. Smith is basically revamping her entire image at the moment, relinquishing old stage names such as Lil Ma and Lil Mama.  Currently she is trying to decide on a new single between her songs “Gentleman” or “Stick Up“. I personally eff with Gentleman, but check out both songs and drop a little comment to help her with that…PLEASE and THANK YOU 🙂

Also for a little more information about this talented beauty visit her web page: Ms. Smith, or her myspace: Lil Ma aka Ms. Smith!

Talent, Brains and Beauty! She definitely gets my stamp of approval 🙂