What I’m Trying To Say … Never Say Never

You know you’re a 90s kid when you hear “Never Say Never” and you think of Brandy, not Justin Bieber! Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge Brandy fan. Listening to her music as an adult (as opposed to a struggling 10 year old) is super surreal! How beautiful is this message though…


Brandy – “Never Say Never”

If you care to read a short story about a middle school struggle turned triumph… continue reading.

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Brandy’s Alter Ego -Bran’ Nu

Whoops. Singa-ternt-Rappa fever does it again. This is terrible.

I am one of the BIGGEST Brandy fans ever. Her alter ego Bran’ Nu, not so much.

Timbaland unleashes Brandy’s rap alter-ego BRAN’NU on these two cuts that have recently leaked from the upcoming Shock Value 2 album. You know what… Bran’Nu holds her own… but then again, she is spitting next to Timbaland and his mediocre goons.