WISH :: 2013 S/S ‘Paisley’ T-Shirt Collection Release

I’m possibly a biased fan of this new tee release from WISH Atlanta, because my friend is modeling (Go Hira!)… Either way it’s dope! So check out their look-book and get purchase information when you read on.


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My Super Sweet 25th Birthday!

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age. — Lucille Ball

I celebrated my 25th birthday on August 3rd! Some of my very best friends flew to Atlanta (thats where I’m currently squatting) to help me celebrate, while some (that are just as important) sent me well wishes via phone calls, texts, mail, and Skype!

I am super blessed to see another year and I look forward to all the new opportunities I am preparing for. 25 doesn’t feel much different from 24, except my car insurance decreased dramatically and I can rent cars… but then again my life as a 25 year old has just started.

Check out a few pics from my Super Sweet 25th when you read more.

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New Video Footage: @Big_Sean X Atlanta

Party and bullshit. Check out new footage from before the Big Sean performance in Atlanta. I didn’t make it out (sorry guys) because I had to pick up my homeboy from the airport. Look’s like it was pretty hype though. Shout out to RoyalxRae for shooting the video!

P.S. Check the white boy in the front row…if he don’t know EVERY single word.

I Need A Vacation! Bahamas: Detroit: Orlando: Atlanta!

I apologize for not updating my blog in a few weeks … I’ve been doing one of my MOST favorite things in the world … TRAVELING!

I went on a cruise to the Bahamas with my Aunt and little cousin.  This trip was particularly fun/interesting because I have never been on a cruise! I think the best part of the trip was the food! Anyone who know me knows I LOVE to eat, and they served all kinds of food (all inclusive) from dusk until dawn! We stopped on a private island where I was able to tan (ok not really, I don’t tan well) and pick up a few souvenirs!

After the Bahamas I went back to home to Detroit for a few days (to handle some bid-ness son). I got a chance to hang out with my girlies, visit my family, eat White Castle/Coney Island/Olgas/J Alexanders (all the food that isn’t available in ATL) and holla at a few other friends 🙂

When I came back I went to Orlando with my best friend London! I also went down there to meet up with my cousins from Houston. We didn’t get a chance to hang with them very much, but I enjoyed getting a chance to see them again (It’s been like 10 years!!) London and I went to a few restaurants, a few shopping centers (duh) and Universal Studios Island of Adventure! My boy also came down to hang with us when we went to the amusement park!

When we came back from Florida, my bestest cousin Jessica came to visit me (I really missed her by the way)!  We went to this restaurant called Mary Mac’s Tea Room (shout out to Aunty Joan!), a few bars and other restaurants, some HOOD clubs (shout out to TWhite!), a few malls (duh) and The World of COKE (I had actually never been there before).

All in all, I am exhausted!!! I love my family and friends. I am truly BLESSED (especially to be doing all of these things with no job! Anyone wanna hire me, that would be cool too lol) Where to next?

You can check out the FULL photo albums on my Facebook page! Add me; Taylor Harris!