Hello June!

Finals are over! And although the end to the quarter was a bittersweet series of moments, I am looking forward to the Fall. I took yucky business classes and dealt with a bunch of business plan-esq projects, so I am happy to be getting back to fashion design, concept theory, and luxury marketing in the next quarter. Two of my favorite and beloved professors have decided to leave my program to pursue industry careers and nurture family life.


Although I am devastated to see them go, I am thankful for all they have taught me and I look forward to seeing them again, but in the professional world. My honey-boo-boo-asian-persuasion, Monica, graduated with her M.A. in Luxury & Fashion Management over the weekend, so I want to wish her the best of luck.

Well anyway, I say all that to say this, I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been tearing my wig out with assignments, exams, and boring lectures. So as summer approaches I will update iRokFashion.com more regularly and I will also be starting a new editorial venture on DJMoBeatz.com. I randomly started a tumblr, so check that out. You can follow me on instagram. I still have my twitter… And that’s pretty much all the social communication I’ll be playing with this summer.

Take it easy,

-The Girl Next Door

Things Will Work Out Because Mom Said So.

I have the best mom. Unexpectedly she sent me a really uplifting letter addressing my current state of panic and misfortune, and I’ve decided to share. It’s a great feeling to know someone cares about you and what you’re going through. I hope someone else can read this and apply it to their situation (if they have one).

Hello my darling beautiful, sweet, attractive, expensive, never to be ignored Taylor!

Things will get better. You know this. I know this. We know this because you are a bright, beautiful and very talented person (and you look like me back in the day and I was slamming!) I know your success is on the horizon because when things are this difficult it makes you appreciate your special gifts, helps you to understand who you can trust and depend on, and helps you get focused on the things important in your life.

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Wildfox Couture :: SKOOL SUCKS! Gypsy Hoodie

What better way to welcome summer school but with this awesomely rebellious hoodie from Wildfox Couture. Show professors your enthusiasm about getting out of bed and coming to class, instead of hanging with friends or bumming it on the beach. Score one for Summa Skool.

More pics and purchase information when you read more.

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