Lazy Days! Nike Tech Cape & Pants

Your “dress down” look should still be semi-put-together.  Looking a mess is never a good idea. Check out this adorable jogging suit from NIKE (mix and match available).


More pics and purchase information when you read more.

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The Nike Air Yeezy 2 ” Red October” Release

After months of planned and cancelled releases.. the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” sneaker has finally dropped. Unfortunately after only 11 minutes they were sold out online. Possibly Nike will take this as a hint to re-release them?


More pics and purchase information when you read more.

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Nike Women’s X-Ray Bone Leggings

Check out these x-ray print leggings from NIKE. Part of the Nike Pro line, the tights feature a wide, emobssed elastic waist band, and are made to stand a hard work out. I think they add just enough “creepy” to any woman’s work out. Cool.


Look for these to hit stores this season in black and grey, green and purple or all-nude.

More pics when you read more.

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Nike “Flyknit” Trainer Sneakers

Check out the new “Flyknit” Trainer sneakers from NIKE. Considering I do nothing but work or work out these days, I think they are awesome… and chic as fcuk.

The Nike Flyknit Trainer+ is back in all new natty colourways. One of the most ingenious releases of 2012, the Flyknit range is a radical extension of the Flywire concept, with the flighty one-piece woven uppers setting new standards in featherweight sneaker design.  – Sneaker Freaker

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Chloe Sevigny X Nike Stadium ‘Destroyer’ Jacket

Collaborations are always welcome. Chloe Sevigny recently hooked up with Nike Stadium in New York; working with the design team to create a custom women’s “Destroyer” jacket.

Dope. I want one.

According to the site, Sevigny used ”a young, gulit ridden girl as inspiration, and chose to do one simple iconic image on the back, and a heart patch on the front, using multi-layers of felt and embroidery to make up the patches.”

Nike Lunar Storm Boots

Here is the gotcha gotcha, that got me. I would definitely rock these. And feel good doing so. What of it?

Yes, they look kind of weird, but Nike boots tend to do that anyway. It seems like duck boot’s are becoming increasingly popular anyway, so why not capitalize on their trendiness. Go Nike!

Part of its ACG line, Nike introduces its faux-fur lined ”Lunarstorm” boot.

Sex Sells – Nike X INSA Tee’s

Remember that time when sex didn’t sell? Me either. Sad really.

Anyhoot – Graffiti artist and shoe designer Insa did a collabo piece with Nike; using only a crisp white tee. This isn’t the first (or the last) white tee we will ever see from Nike or even INSA – but this mug works. Maybe its the bleached blonde covered in tattoos, with the wet tee shirt and nipples? No homo.

(Thinking Cap) *I wonder what all those tattoos will look like 20 years from now*