Create-Ture Fashion Studio Find :: Hand Painted Wallet

Basically going through Michelle Robinson’s (also known as Mister Michelle) tumblr I became obsessed with her talent. I first read about this artist/designer on EDGE Magazine website. I later found out that she hand paints and designs wallets (among other things)! Check out this cool piece from her collection!


More pics and purchase info when you read more.

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#30Brands30Days With @EdgeMagazineLLC

The lovely ladies over at Edge Magazine have decided to reach out to small minority businesses and young entrepreneurs to promote their brand or business…free of charge. Talk about giving back to the community. Proper exposure is difficult yet super necessary and beneficial. Now is your chance to shine. It could be the difference between your dream and reality. Submit TODAY ya’ll.

So what is all this #30Brands30Days talk? Well, as young minority business owners (and females ones at that!) we know how hard it is to get your brand out there and being two years in it would have been great for someone with a platform to give us a push…and so we wanted to be that push for someone else!

Part of our mission here at EDGE is to help our peers reach their highest potential through supporting their endeavors–so why not take 30 days to help someone other than ourselves? After all, we do get to decide who or what goes on our site. Therefore, we’ve dedicated the month of September to giving back to our fellow small businesses!

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Chic Contest! EDGE Magazine X The Lip Bar #LipBarOnEdge

For some, the summer accessory of choice is a bright hue of lip color. For all, there is a contest going on with EDGE Magazine and The Lip Bar that is basically giving you the chance to own a few spunky colors yourself.

EDGE is a premier magazine dedicated to showcasing the positivity, creativity and ingenuity of this generation. The Lip Bar is a cosmetics company focused on providing a diverse selection of quality makeup products.

Read more for complete rules and info on EDGE Magazine & The Lip Bar!

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New Video: Jhene’ Aiko – Snapped

Sorry fellas. Jhené’s new video isn’t another beach photoshoot or some clichéd early morning clip where she giggles and takes Polaroids over herself in a wife beater and panties. In fact she’s not even in the presentation to begin with. The scenery you are witnessing is from the Japanese anime shows, Black Lagoon and Cowboy Bebop which you can catch the latter on [adult swim] occasionally. I guess you’ll just have to settle for listening to the music, which is great by the way.

Pity the fool who dare break this songstress’ heart. Jasmine busts windows. Jhené bust caps. See the difference? The first taste of her forthcoming Soul(ed) Out project isn’t your typical killer’s anthem; it’s a kaleidoscope of vibrant instrumentation and angelic harmony. Imagine if it this was the last thing you heard before…BANG! (via TC)

Check out her interview with EDGE Magazine!

Edge Magazine March Issue!

The March 2011 edition of Edge Magazine is here, featuring interviews from popular athletes, aspiring artists, and rising music stars! They also have some really neat fashion articles, emotion provoking poetry, and general food for thought. If you enjoyed their last issue, you’ll love this one.

My favorite topic this month was Emotional Cheating. Go check them out and leave comments, because you’re probably an emotional cheater! P.S. Excuse my screen shots…lol

Check them out at

Behind The Scenes: Indigo Charlie X @EdgeMagazineLLC

As I am already excited about Edge Magazine in general, I am extra excited to see some behind the scenes footage of their shoot with musical artist Indigo Charlie.

Hype this.

Next issue released December 2010.

P.S. This is where I got my inspiration to do a “Whip My Hair” remake with my friends! How much fun did it look like they were having??

@EdgeMagazineLLC is Finally Here! Check Them Out HERE!

I am Taylor Harris, and I approve this message:

Created by Detroit natives – Iman Milner, Camara Mathis and Ashley Nguyen (honorary native), “EDGE Magazine” was conceived out of a necessity for youth culture to have a positive medium to genuinely call their own. The interpretation of the urban youth is one that is marked with negative cameos that are often cyclic and tedious in sensibility. There is an inherent individuality about urban youth that is often shrouded by big ideas and paradigms.

As I am totally smitten with the concept and aesthetic of EDGE Magzine – you should be too. Check them out! They officially launched August 1st. Awesome.

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