#30Brands30Days With @EdgeMagazineLLC

The lovely ladies over at Edge Magazine have decided to reach out to small minority businesses and young entrepreneurs to promote their brand or business…free of charge. Talk about giving back to the community. Proper exposure is difficult yet super necessary and beneficial. Now is your chance to shine. It could be the difference between your dream and reality. Submit TODAY ya’ll.

So what is all this #30Brands30Days talk? Well, as young minority business owners (and females ones at that!) we know how hard it is to get your brand out there and being two years in it would have been great for someone with a platform to give us a push…and so we wanted to be that push for someone else!

Part of our mission here at EDGE is to help our peers reach their highest potential through supporting their endeavors–so why not take 30 days to help someone other than ourselves? After all, we do get to decide who or what goes on our site. Therefore, we’ve dedicated the month of September to giving back to our fellow small businesses!

And it’s not too late to be part of it! If you or someone you know has a brand that you think would benefit from being featured on EDGE…shoot us an email with the company’s bio, mission and an answer to the question– “What does living a life on the EDGE mean to you?” and be prepared to send us sample product!

You can follow us on Twitter at: @EdgeMagazineLLC and use the hashtag #30Brands30days throughout the month of September if you read about a designer that you love!

And remember, small businesses need your support!

Bonus… I’ll go ahead and pick the top 10 Brands from the month and feature them on iRokFashion as well. Lets go!

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