What King Bey Wore To Her Concert :: Super Bey-Bowl 2013

Everyone knows Beyonce had a football game at her concert. Everyone knows she brought out DC3. Everyone knows her hair was laid for living and her face was beat. Everyone knows she performed Halo to stunt the growth of lip sync backlash. Everyone knows her curling irons blacked out the entire stadium. But what everyone doesn’t know is that Givenchy did not design her lavish lace and leather costume. And no, it’s not a House of Dereon exclusive either.


Rubin Singer and his team of 14, is actually credited with the luxurious composition that was Beyonce’s “dress”. Get your life and more information when you read more.

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Get Lip Bar Wasted! @TheLipBar

Check out this new super adorable and chic brand of lipstick!

The Lip Bar boasts fun lipstick colors that are uniquely blended with natural ingredients. It’s called the Lip Bar because each lipstick is named after and inspired by popular cocktails. Lemon Drop anyone?

The lipsticks are available exclusively online at thelipbar.com

Mila Kunis Covers UK Glamour

Stunning just isn’t the word.

Mila Kunis graced the latest issue of UK Glamour Magazine. During her interview with the esteemed mag, she revealed that she speaks fluent Russian (sexy), agreed to go on a date with a Marine, and told fatties everywhere to “get off their asses and exercise”.

Check out a few photos from the shoot!

Blog Request: Beauty & Fashion With Taylor

First and foremost I would like to thank V for reading and commenting on a previous post about my mental instabilities (insert laugh). Mentioned in the comment was a few questions about beauty regimes I may have, as well as questions about my choice in fashion. I’m absolutely delighted to answer these questions!

I also welcome any other questions you guys may have about me.myself.and.i.


What hair products do you use?

I have a love / hate relationship with my hair. Not that I don’t care about my hair that much…but it never seems to do what I want it to do…so it gets no special attention!  I actually use Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. And sometimes a Paul Mitchell glosser.

Why do you love them?

I love Herbal Essences because it smells really nice, and as an Advertising degree holder, they are packaged and promoted pretty awesomely. The commercials are convincing. Possibly the most childish answer I could give, but it’s true. I want to scream YES when I’m washing my hair! As for the Paul Mitchell glosser, it smells delightful as well, and also adds a very pretty shine to my hair (with no unwanted oily weight).

Do you  flat-iron, press, relaxer etc? Curling Iron?

After I wash and blow dry my mug, I normally press my edges (shout out to Madame C.J. Walker) and flat iron the body of my hair. I’ve never had a relaxer because I have very fine, soft and curly hair…and I like it that way. Plus I never go to the hair salon, so my hair would probably fall out if I put harsh chemicals in it. I don’t use curling irons. I typically curl my hair with my flat iron (although I absolutely HATE my hair super curly).

Whats your favorite hairstyles? How can we do them?

My favorite hairstyle is the illustrious pony tail! Recently, I’ve been trying a part down the middle of my head with my hair flipped away from my face. I’m pretty much a plain jane when it comes to hair though. A few times last summer I braided my hair while it was wet, put some leave-in conditioner on, and un-braided my hair when it dried; leaving a crinkled look.


Do you wear make up?

Yes. From time to time. Not daily. That’s not good for your skin. I normally use an eyeliner, mascara, and light mineralizer (which is funny and semi-pointless because I tend to wipe the mineralizer off during the course of the day). Every now again (mainly when I’m home alone bored), I play in vibrant colors of eye shadows!

What is your skin regimen?

Contrary to popular belief, I have TERRIBLE skin (runs away and cries)! Now you have to hear my sad story.

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