Blog Request: Beauty & Fashion With Taylor

First and foremost I would like to thank V for reading and commenting on a previous post about my mental instabilities (insert laugh). Mentioned in the comment was a few questions about beauty regimes I may have, as well as questions about my choice in fashion. I’m absolutely delighted to answer these questions!

I also welcome any other questions you guys may have about me.myself.and.i.


What hair products do you use?

I have a love / hate relationship with my hair. Not that I don’t care about my hair that much…but it never seems to do what I want it to do…so it gets no special attention!  I actually use Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. And sometimes a Paul Mitchell glosser.

Why do you love them?

I love Herbal Essences because it smells really nice, and as an Advertising degree holder, they are packaged and promoted pretty awesomely. The commercials are convincing. Possibly the most childish answer I could give, but it’s true. I want to scream YES when I’m washing my hair! As for the Paul Mitchell glosser, it smells delightful as well, and also adds a very pretty shine to my hair (with no unwanted oily weight).

Do you  flat-iron, press, relaxer etc? Curling Iron?

After I wash and blow dry my mug, I normally press my edges (shout out to Madame C.J. Walker) and flat iron the body of my hair. I’ve never had a relaxer because I have very fine, soft and curly hair…and I like it that way. Plus I never go to the hair salon, so my hair would probably fall out if I put harsh chemicals in it. I don’t use curling irons. I typically curl my hair with my flat iron (although I absolutely HATE my hair super curly).

Whats your favorite hairstyles? How can we do them?

My favorite hairstyle is the illustrious pony tail! Recently, I’ve been trying a part down the middle of my head with my hair flipped away from my face. I’m pretty much a plain jane when it comes to hair though. A few times last summer I braided my hair while it was wet, put some leave-in conditioner on, and un-braided my hair when it dried; leaving a crinkled look.


Do you wear make up?

Yes. From time to time. Not daily. That’s not good for your skin. I normally use an eyeliner, mascara, and light mineralizer (which is funny and semi-pointless because I tend to wipe the mineralizer off during the course of the day). Every now again (mainly when I’m home alone bored), I play in vibrant colors of eye shadows!

What is your skin regimen?

Contrary to popular belief, I have TERRIBLE skin (runs away and cries)! Now you have to hear my sad story.

It’s no secret that I am extremely light skin. It is also no secret that acne and other skin ailments are the most visible and disgusting on lighter skinned people. In college, I went through a more-than-terrible break-up which caused a lot of stress in my life. This stress obviously conjured up all the acne my pre-teen years had missed, and took vengeance on my face, back and chest. Yuck right? Well I went to a dermatologist and voila! Clean. Clear. And under control.

I wash my face at night and apply this acne fighting cream. I wash my face in the morning and apply a different acne fighting gel. Tedious, but worth it. I’ve actually been skipping my treatments for the last few week and I’m still good…so maybe I’ve won the battle!

For anyone with skin issues, I  highly recommend Dr. Lorna Thomas (she was also r&b star Aaliyah’s dermatologist) in the Fisher Building (downtown Detroit 313-874-2500).

What facial cleanser do you use?

I use a soap free, hypoallergenic cleanser called “Purpose”.


Describe your style?

I’m comfy. Growing up I used to get teased about my weight…so I’m not into revealing clothing or really anything that would bring attention to me. The first time I wore a dress (on my own) was my senior year in college. My brother and folks at school used to tease that my legs look like arms and my feet look like hands (etc)…so yea…my confidence wasn’t very high growing up. All that teasing crap kinda stuck with me, so over the years I’ve worn what made me comfortable…jeans, tee shirts, sweats. More recently I’ve tried new things (and gotten plenty of positive results). So all in all my style is whatever makes me comfortable.

Top 5 shops you buy clothes at?

I’m an Urban Outfitter’s hoarder. I also love Victoria Secret PINK. Neiman Marcus has cool sh*t. Zara has become a personal favorite. And A|X has made their way up on the list.

I just wanted to throw in there that Forever 21 gives me anxiety. I like their stuff from time to time….but sheesh!

Do you online shop? What website.

I rarely shop online (because my identity got stolen in college. womp womp) …what I normally do (if I can’t find it in the store) is google the product and purchase it from where ever. No specific site. Well, is pretty cool.

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  1. I feel ya on the stress related acne,I can relate more than I would like to ;-( darn I’m glad you’re over the skin issues, they can be very frustrating. I’ve never heard of the cleanser you use, I’m pretty low maintenence myself. Thanks for sharing, Be blessed 🙂

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