Thanks For The Birthday Wishes! #August3rd #LeoSeason

First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for the lovely and heart felt birthday cards, texts, emails, and social media comments!

And for those who were super confused…I had a birthday on Saturday. Yes, the big 2-6 came and had a long conversation with me over shots of patron and strawberry margaritas. The older I get, the less excited I am about my birthday. However, this year was kind of “special” because I had a break through. An ‘ah ha’ moment regarding relationships, school, work, goals, hopes, dreams, etc.


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Fvck Paris.

Mark August 3rd on you calendars. And not just because it’s my birthday!

French based label FVCK Paris teamed up with J Andrews and Simone Fiorito to work on the old vintage Chanel chain patterned leggings. The one time only collection features 3 versions: classic chain, multicolor leopard and american flag.

More pics and info when you read more.

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