Rihanna Leaves Roc Nation?

Not that I completely believe this bit of information, but it is pretty interesting. Rhianna doesn’t want to be under the same management as Beyonce; as the Queen could be considered one of her major competitors. She also believes Beyonce will get more opportunities than her if managed by her hubby?

Coincidently a few days after Beyonce announces her pregnancy, Rhianna decides she wants to leave Jay- Z’s Roc Nation.  There has been talks about this in the past, but this go round she seems very serious.

Apparently Rhianna has gone to the extent of  launching a full-blown legal battle against Roc Nation. It has even been said that she currently has a multi-million dollar lawsuit against them.  Supposedly this has all stemmed from when Beyonce unofficially signed with Roc Nation after leaving the management of her father. It was said that at time Rhianna was worried about the attention and focus would no longer be on her.

Rihanna has not left Jay-Z and RocNation despite rumors to the contrary. The sultry R&B singer was rumored to have dropped Jigga after his wife Beyonce announced her pregnancy. Why would she do that in the first place? This is one rumor that never made sense.

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