It’s been a while…

I suck. You’re absolutely right. I haven’t updated you guys on anything for about a month. My apologies.

So much stuff has happened since I last blogged, and as much as I want to share, I’m going to keep it short and sweet….

I’ve been busy.

I also had a birthday! I turned 21 again, and it was awesome. I got a new job! Going to be working the grave shift, but you have to start somewhere. I set out a planner to update on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. I started an affair with chocolate chip cookies. Powerade taste like salt water; I’ve been drinking it to combat this heart attack I’ve been having. I met some good people and some super freaking crazy one’s: shout out to Billy, get your life together brotha!

Um, what else…my life lesson for this month is: People are going to be people and nothing else. Life is life for everyone! Enjoy every minute no matter what.

Check out a few flicks from my birthday!!!


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I am me and I do things that I do. What of it?

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