First Look: Behind The Scenes – Kardashian Wedding

Kim look flawless in her strapless Vera Wang wedding gown! People Magazine has exclusive rights to the wedding photos, so you can’t see the entire gown until the special Kardashian issue is released in September.

They look like an odd couple…but I will hold my comments! Congrats Kim and Kris.

The Royal Wedding Dress : Kate Middleton in Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

Kate Middleton, who married Prince William today, chose Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen to design her dress.

I didn’t get up at 4am to watch the ceremony, but after googling the sh*t out of her dress, I can say she looked stunning. I hope when I get married people will scramble to design my dress, celebrities and people of influence from all over will attend, I’ll get 5hr media coverage, become the next Queen of England and stuff. Lucky Gal!

Weekend Adventure With @LondonGabrielle!

I went to Miami over the weekend, and although I returned home to pure bull crap…my trip was fun! We went to our friend Tiffani’s wedding on a beach in Key Biscayne, Florida. It was lovely. I can’t believe I am entering the age where my friends are getting married. I am far behind though, mostly because I don’t even have a boyfriend. Can someone help a sista out?!

Anyway, I wanted to share a few flicks from my voyage 🙂 Enjoy!

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Beyonce’ “Smash Into You” – Wedding Song

These are my confessions! I am completely obsessed with weddings. Although I am no where near having one of my own, I find them completely breathtaking. The thought of such a union is beautiful and most certainly a blessing. This particular song makes me happy every time I hear it.

My unofficial wedding song: Beyonce’ – “Smash Into You” (off her 3rd solo album ‘I Am Sasha Fierce’)