VOGUE Brazil :: Cara Delevingne

She is perfect. How fresh-dope is this shoot? Bursting with personality and color.


Teaming up with fashion photographer Jacques Dequeker and fashion editor Pedro Sales, supermodel Cara Delevingne takes over the cover of VOGUE Brazil magazine. Make-up courtesy of makeup artist Max Weber, post-production by Lukas Strociak Retouching.

More pics from the spread when you read more.

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Vogue July 2010: Oprah & Lady Gaga – The Costume Institute Ball

Check out the July 2010 issue of VOGUE; featuring coverage of The Costume Institute Ball (of which Oprah is co-chair).

Oprah is wearing Oscar de la Renta and Lady Gaga is wearing Prada. Oprah looks FABULOUS by the way.

Via Gagalicious.

VOGUE Africa: 2010

Actually this cover by photogrpaher Mario Epanya’s is his vision for what does not yet exist.  A Vogue Africa. All I have to say is why not ? If we can have Vogue Nippon, India, Australia. Africa with its rich diversity of countries  only makes sense. More of Epanya’s covers  on the next page. Conde Nast what is the deal? via dredcarlo.

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