Nicki Minaj Covers V Magazine – Spring Preview 2011

Random. I silently hope her popularity doesn’t fade due to overkill. Mostly because I’m a fan.

In other more important news, Nicki landed yet another magazine cover. V-Magazine sat down with the vixen (can I use that word?) to discuss everything from her album sales success, possible collaborations with her caucasian counter-part Lady Gaga, and relationship status.

Looking fierce as usual…

What does all your success mean to you?

I’m proud that women, female rappers that come in this game after Nicki Minaj can see that, you know what? There is a chance for you to sell just as much as the boys and to be recognized. And you don’t have to feel like, because you’re a female rapper, you going to not be recognized. And so for that alone, I’m proud. I’m happy.

The Size Issue

I found this little idea a bit spectacular. V Magazine created “The Size Issue,” featuring top plus-size model and author of “Hungry” Crystal Renn alongside newcomer—and more traditional model body-type—Jacquelyn Jablonski.

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“Appropriately titled “One Size Fits All,” Richardson’s photo spread showcases Renn and Jablonski side-by-side in identical looks, matching sample size outfits and similar poses. Still, the effect is a powerful one that proves fashion can flatter any figure.” via glamorouseccentric