Rockin’ Panda Bears :: KISS

Let your inner rock-panda loose with this adorable tee shirt from Urban Outfitters.

This soft cotton tee features Kiss-inspired make-up on unsuspecting panda bears. Cute to throw on with your favorite jeans and sneakers for a chic casual look.

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Random Cool Shit For Your Home

Create a collage of photos with this long clear plastic sleeve with space for 28 4×6 photos. Rivets at the top for hanging.

Sing yourself to sleep with this set of two standard pillowcases, topped with a microphone graphic and “love” that’s written out with the cord; another set with a sleeping tiger graphic at the front (They look so non-deadly when they sleep, don’t they?). Statistically speaking, you will spend about 24 years of your life in bed, so why not express yourself where you sleep? These soft pillowcases are printed with a “LOVE” graphic.

Sometimes you need to take extreme measures for a little privacy. Standard frosted shower curtain topped with a police tape graphic, designed by artist Aleksander Mukomelov.