Crazy Ways To Meet Men.

I don’t know how accurate this article is, but it’s worth a read/try right? …Besides, if this article doesn’t help you, just join e-Harmony like I did! My husband and I have been together for 64 years! (I’m totally joking…definitely not knocking e-harmony …but yeah …)

When I decided to revamp my life according to the principles of Helen Gurley Brown’s Sex and the Single Girl in order to write my memoir Falling For Me, I not only committed to learning to cook, decorate, put myself together and tackle a whole bunch of new activities (ceramics, anyone?) but I also agreed to embrace at least a few of her ideas for meeting men.

That Helen was a ballsy one—you don’t get to be the Editor-in-Chief of Cosmo without balls—and her suggestions for interacting with new men verged on the wacky. She recommends, for instance, chatting them up on every train, plane and bus you’re on (something tells me she’s never been on the F train), browsing the men’s section at various department stores and knocking into a guy carrying a drink to another woman in a bar—that is, some things I simply wasn’t willing or didn’t think it would be safe to do. As a compromise, I came up with a few ideas of my own—some of which worked better than others. Here are a few that ended up being the craziest, complete with side benefits, warnings and grades:

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