Kind of a BIG Read…

Like any other college level course, you are asked to read a few books, write a few blog posts (sike), give a few educated guesses to some question, and much more.

OK…well unlike any other college course, in New Media Driver’s License, you are asked to read David Meerman Scott’s “New Rules of Marketing & PR”, write a press release promoting his book, make a blog post (seriously now), and much more!

But the cool part is that this book is actually interesting, and very non-textbook-ish 🙂 It’s actually a well written guide to online marketing! It offers incite to setting up blogs, podcast’s, social bookmarking, affordable and effective ways to reach target audiences, and much more.

So if you are interested in pursuing a career under the communications umbrella, then I would definitely recommend you read The New Rules of Marketing and PR. The skills you will acquire, and information you will receive are becoming a necessity in today’s job market.

I chose to get free press for this book by visiting Although not completely satisfied with the site as a whole (kind of difficult to navigate), I was able to submit the press release I wrote discussing the book:

EAST LANSING, MI – Offered through Michigan State University, The New Media Driver’s License course is host to a new type of learning. Trashing the conventional textbook/lecture type of class setting, this course offers hands-on activities using social networking websites, and a single, very non-textbook styled reading about Marketing and Public Relations.

Led by digital marketer and CEO of Ann Arbor-based Ingenex Digital Marketing, Derek Mehraban, this course is structured around David Meerman Scott’s book “The New Rules of Marketing & PR”. This book introduces topics such as how to use news releases, blogs and podcasting, viral marketing, and online media to reach buyers directly.

Certainly a great read, this book provides readers with useful tips and tools to make an impact on the rapidly growing information age. Scott, a very intuitive and stimulating author, discuss the major aspects of media marketing and social networking. He breaks down the components of blogs, search engine optimization, podcasts, social bookmarking site, and much more. Easy to understand and interesting enough to dive into, it provides necessary and detailed solutions to almost any problem you may incur dealing with online media.

These new rules mentioned in Scott’s book show developed strategies on how to save money on advertising, not have to beg for mainstream media attention, and also market directly to your target audience.

Be a few steps ahead of your closest competitor, and implement Scott’s new rules today!

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Check him out! Great Read!